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GEAR – ThanoTech K11 iPhone Bumper

There are some people who don’t care what their iPhone looks like in a case just so long as it’s protected. Then there are the folks like me who really don’t want to cover up their beautiful device in a bulky and/or tacky case, even if it means the chances of getting it scratched up are significantly greater.

The nice folks at ThanoTech sent me their K11 iPhone bumper that maintains the slim and svelte profile of my device, while keeping it safe around the edges..because I’m one of those people who prefer to not completely cover up their iPhone in a case, but still need some protection from accidental drops.

I’ll admit, there are other bumpers out on the market that do the same basic job as the K11 iPhone bumper:

  • Keeps the edges protected from drops (up to 6ft), scrapes, and scratches
  • Acts as a buffer between your phone and flat surfaces.

What sets the K11 iPhone bumper apart from its competitors is its design. In my opinion, it looks like it came off the same manufacturing assembly line as the iPhone.

When paired with your iPhone, the strong aircraft grade aluminum, with its polished chamfered edges and matching buttons on the outside, and flexible Thermoplastic polyurethane on the inside that matches the iPhone’s external antenna lines makes it look like one piece. The K11 bumper at a crazy 2.25mm thin, hardly adds any additional thickness.

Now don’t get me wrong, the K11 bumper isn’t cheap with a price-tag of $40 bucks, but none of dozens of cases and bumpers I’ve used have match the look and feel of the the K11 bumper by ThanoTech for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus.

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  • Nhick

    For that kind of price? I don’t mind as long as my phone is protected. Space Gray looks cool to me and it’s just perfect for my new iPhone.

    Nice post Terrance,

  • sugi efendi

    nice blog

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