Get Home Improvement Ideas And Estimates With New Zillow Digs App

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Mrs. Tech and I use the Zillow app extensively to help us get the drop on homes that are being added to the market. One of our factors in buying a home is “how much are we going to have to put into this house to make it our home”. I know, that sounded a little cheesy, but getting a good idea of home improvement costs should be a serious consideration when buying or selling a house.

Zillow has just launched Digs, an iPad and web app that lets users view photos of actual home remodels and get a proprietary estimate on the cost of that project broken down by materials and labor, based on the user’s location. Reminiscent of how Pinterest works, users can create, save and share their own home improvement/remodel project boards, in addition to viewing, commenting, and following other Diggs user’s boards.

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