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So, you’re headed to your next conference, eh? Be prepared for some learning, networking, empowerment, and some fun sprinkled in there somewhere. The networking part is mainly why I attend conferences. To finally meet people in person whom I’ve already connected with via various social networking channels is the highlight of any conference if you ask me. Meeting new people is definitely an added bonus.

One of the main goals behind meeting people is to make a lasting impression. Since I’m a techie, the way I make an impression is using those QR codes that others can scan and unveil all kinds of information about me. When people see the code, it always seems to strike up a conversation. I am still amazed about how many people are not hip to QR codes. So allow me to give you some QR code tips, tools and services that you can use to make your own impression at your next event!

Code Generation

QR code is short for “Quick Response code” so the first thing you need is the actual square-looking code that people can scan. You don’t need to be a programmer to generate the code, as there are many ways to get a code for free. The site I use is XZing Project QR Code Generator. From my experience, you can enter the most amount of information (Name, Title, phone, business name, url links, etc.) and the end result is a high-resolution code that you can then put on…whatever media you like. is very QR code friendly – Upload your code, add some flare, and the end result is a beautiful and interactive business card.

Stickerscan: Add your QR Code stickers to existing business cards (cause you still have a ba-jillion left), folders, your own gadgets, etc. You can add your code to business cards, stickers, tshirts, mugs, hats, tshirts, just about anything you can buy from their site, you can add a QR code to it.

Mobile Contact Pages

A cool way to compliment (or completely discard) your business cards is with a mobile contact page. They’re websites that are optimized for viewing on mobile phones. Visitors to your mobile contact page after scanning the QR code that is generated after you populate the site with your info, can click on any of the contact links to call you, send you an email, visit any of your social networking sites, or download your contact information directly into your phone.

GetContact.Info Code

GetContactInfo: Create multiple profiles and get alerts when anybody scans your QR code and interacts with your page (basic analytics).

ScanMe Code

ScanMe: You can add, update, and edit your contact information on your mobile site, but use the same code – No need to create another code.

RedLaser QRCode App for iPhone

QR Code Readers

Finally, you and the people who come across your QR code need a way to scan it. So here are some of the popular (and free) mobile reader apps for the major smartphone platforms to ensure people are interacting with your codes:

– iPhone: Red Laser, Optiscan

– Android: Red Laser, BarCode Scanner

– BlackBerry: ScanLife, I-Nigma

– Windows Phone: QR Code Reader

Share Your Code

Represent Your fancy new code isn’t going to share itself. Now it’s up to you to get creative and give your new connections something more than just a plain old business card that nine times out of ten, is filed away and forgotten about (You know it’s true). My next event will be at Blogalicious Weekend later this week down in DC – Any attendees should have enough time to implement some of these tips, so get started…Additionally, if you see BrothaTech…

Show me your…


…I’ll be passing out free 3-Month trials (Pro version) of the TripIt Travel Organizer service for the web/mobile to anybody who shows me how they use QR codes during the event

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  • I remember seeing a picture of you somewhere with a QR code on a T-shirt.  Where did you get that done?

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      Hope that helps ya!

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