Google Tasks for iOS

Google G Suite Software Users Will Love This New App Addition To Their Beloved Apple Mobile Hardware

I’m one of those folks who loves my iPhone and iPad, but routinely depends on Google’s G Suite applications for email, contacts and calendars management.

I know there are some Apple users who are even deeper into the G Suite ecosystem than I am, so I wanted to make sure I spread the word that Google has released a native Tasks app for iPhone and iPad.

Prior to this announcement, iPhone and iPad users had to use the “mobile-friendly” Tasks site or depend on 3rd-party clients that come and go nowadays. Now fans can download the native iOS app that gives users a cleaner interface that caters to the functionality of Apple mobile hardware.

If you’re a current Google Apps/G Suite user, the beauty of using the native Google Tasks app to create and manage to-do tasks lists over other 3rd-party clients is the ecosystem – The ability to create new tasks from important Gmail messages or Google Calendar events is ideal for streamlining and speeding up your daily workflow for greater productivity.

If you’re an Apple hardware lover that’s knee-deep into the Google software ecosystem, download the new Google Tasks app for iOS and let me know what you think in the comments.

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