Google+ Open To The Public: Business Profiles Still Uncertain

Even though it wasn’t too hard to get an invite into Google+, Google’s social networking site that is still in “Field Testing”, you now should be able to access and edit your Google+ profile the next time you log in to your Gmail account. Google has made the brand-spanking new social networking site available to the everyone with a Google account despite the fact that the site is still under construction.

Yeah, Google+ may be new, but it has been able to much more than its counterparts in the same amount of time. According to The Next Web, it took Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days to reach 10 million users – Google+ achieved that same feat in only 16 days. So there is no question that the site will round out the “Big Three” social networking sites once it’s finally ready for production. Google admits to not being nowhere near done, and is constantly adding features, some per user request and others as a means to differentiate itself from other social networking sites.

One of those features that small businesses could take advantage of if implemented is business/professional profiles.

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Terrance Gaines

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