How To Take An Apple Watch Screen Shot 

How To Take an Apple Watch Snapshot via BrothatechA majority of the blog posts I write have some sort of screen shot in them. It never occurred to me (until right now) that I may have to snap an Apple Watch screen shot to show off some dope feature or functionality I find in these [web] streets

So I did some digging and sure enough, you can take a screen shot of your Apple Watch. Here are the steps:

  1. Put the screen you want to snap on your Apple Watch
  2. Press the digital crown and side button at the same time. The screen will blink and you will hear the typical iOS shutter sound confirming the snap shot
  3. Open the Photos app on your iPhone to view Apple Watch screen shots (located in Camera Roll album)

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Not too excited eh? Well this tip was more for me than for you anywayz. But, to sell the functionality, let’s say you used Siri on Apple Watch to look up movie show times. You find the movie, theater, and showtime that you might want to check out. Instead of quickly forgetting the time and theater 10 minutes later and querying Siri again, you can take a quick screenshot that you can quickly refer to later.

Still not good enough? Like I said, this tip was more for me than you anywayz…Just thought I would share.

Be sure to drop any other Apple Watch gems in the comments section.