How TripIt Helped me Relax on my Vacation

The “Mrs.” and I recently joined several others on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas and beyond. A friend of ours decided to do a destination wedding on a cruise ship. The couple exchanged vows before the ship departed the mainland, that way, anybody who didn’t want to take the cruise could at least view the ceremony.

…But that’s not why I’m here.

Being the organized techie that I am, I made sure to study some maps on Google just so I know where i’m at just in case something happens, and compile all of my travel plans on TripIt. I did my normal routine or forwarding my airline, hotel, and shuttle confirmation emails to and let the service automagically convert my emails into an easy to use itinerary that was viewable on my iPhone using the TripIt mobile app.

Any additional information about our trip like wedding times, port dock and departure times, and other cruise plans (Dinner @ 8:30 in the Titanic Lounge) that didn’t come as an email confirmation, I manually added into TripIt online and synced with the mobile app. So I was set – All of my travel information was loaded up on my phone for easy access. I didn’t bother to export all my TripIt info to my calendar because the data looks nicer on the app than on my Google Calendar that I sync with my phone.

That was all fine and dandy while we were stateside. The second the ship pulled away from the dock, I thought “Oh crap, I won’t have a data connection once we get out in the middle of nowhere, so the TripIt app…and more importantly my phone, was going to be useless.”

…Well, I could use my phone to take pictures and use the notes app to remember everybody’s cabin numbers, but all the wedding, cruise, and port information That I meticulously curated on the app is now useless – or so I thought. The TripIt app cached (created a placeholder) all my current travel information, so it was accessible offline!

Yeah, I could’ve carried around a cruise itinerary everywhere we went to make sure we wasn’t left ashore, or asked somebody “When are we supposed to meet for dinner?” every couple of hours. You have to understand a little bit about me – I hate asking for help, and I live and die by technology, so the ability to pull out my phone to find out when the boat leaves or where we are meeting for dinner makes more sense for me…which means I was able to relax and enjoy our trip that much more.