I Recommend: Spigen Thin Fit iPhone XS Max Case

Its thin and lightweight makeup covers just enough to keep scuffs away from the rear and side glass, but with cutouts at the top and bottom that don’t cover any of the the phone’s antennas, speakers, or ports. If you use a dock in the car, on your desk, or nightstand, you don’t have to worry about fitment with this case.
It also has a raised edge around the camera lenses that keeps them off of surfaces and away from scratches that might mess up your little selfies.
The only issue with the Spigen Thin Fit case is its shows fingerprints easily. So a word to wise if you have crazy oily-skin…or you’re just nasty.
Be warned – If you’re looking for a case that will protect it from your clumsy ass, I mean…keep your phone protected if it’s accidentally but repeatedly dropped at weird heights and angles, keep looking.
On the flip side, the Spigen Thin Fit case will keep your phone free of scratches, scuffs, and scrapes…and an other average “wear and tear” moments.


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