iLoveHandles Trunk Smartphone Charging Cable and Stand

This cable doubles as a stand and keeps your smartphone erect while charging *giggles*

You always seem to have way too much cable left to deal with when you’re charging or syncing my phone. Personally, I have a pet peeve when it comes to tangled cords and cables. The iLoveHandles Trunk charging cable kills two birds with one stone. 1) Serves as a short charging cable that’s great for quick charges without all the extra cable occupying space on my desk. 2) The thick…cable is flexible and can be bent and angled in the perfect position to…serve as a stand for a smartphone phone while plugged into a computer or wall outlet.

When you’re satisfied ready to pack up, simply straighten and flatten trunk back to its original size to put it back in your pants…pocket or bag. iLoveHandles Trunk comes in a white Lightning version for iPhone 5 and up, or a black Micro USB version for Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

Oh, and get your mind out of the gutter

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  • Alvin

    That’s pretty cool too bad they don’t have android variants

    • Terrance Gaines

      The black version is Micro USB and will work with android

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