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What I’m Rocking: 3rd-Party Apple Watch Apps

So I was reading a story on how Instagram has disappeared from Apple Watch and it got me thinking about how there has been a trend of notable apps that have removed Apple Watach functionality.

I’m not completely sure as to why. Some stories suggest that Apple is too demanding with their requirements and restrictions. Me, myself, personally, I think Apple Watch developers as a whole tried to cram in too much functionality at the jump, then just decided to quit instead of scaling back to match the form factor and hardware capabilities of Apple Watch.

“But I’m [not a developer], so you didn’t hear that from me”

At any rate, even though notable 3rd-Party apps like Instagram, Twitter, Google and Slack are now now missing from the Apple Watch platform, there are still some good 3rd-party apps out there that do more than just deliver notifications to your wrist.

Here are just some of the 3rd-party Apple Watch apps I rock with.

Drop your favorite 3rd-party Apple Watch apps in the comment section.

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