What I’m Rocking: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series iPhone 6 Case

I hate phone cases. Why? Because today’s smartphones look and feel so good naked. As a result, I try to take extra care when I handling my devices. Here’s some stuff I DON’T do to ensure my smartphone stays looking new without a case:

  • Wear skinny jeans because…Man
  • Put my phone in my back pants pocket and sit on it all day…Duh
  • Put my phone in the same pocket as coins, keys, or other potentially scratchy items
  • Place it on a table, desk, surface without some sort of soft material buffer in between
  • Let others hold or use my phone without first verifying their PayPal address

Seems like a ton of rules just to show off my sleek and sexy devices, but I have gotten used to it. This time, for my iPhone 6 (that I just paid full retail for in order to save some dough on my wireless plan) I decided I was going to need a case because I’ll be damned if I put even the tiniest of scratches on this beautiful jawn.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series iPhone 6 Case via BrothaTechWhat I did not want was one of those beefy, bulky, belligerent cases – As non-bougie as I am, I still want people to know that I have an iPhone 6.  Additionally, the whole reason why I went for the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus was because I still wanted the phone to fit in my front pant’s pocket. All that to say, “super-thick”, while attractive on the Sistahs, is not an attribute I’d want to use when describing my next iPhone 6 case.

While in my local wireless carrier store, I saw a guy rocking an iPhone 6 covered in a case from a manufacturer I’ve never heard of before and immediately ordered said case from Amazon before I even walked out of the store. Two days later, my SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Bumper iPhone 6 Case arrived at my crib.

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series iPhone 6 case is made of a hybrid high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane material that protects my iPhone 6 from bumps and short accidental drops, and hard see-through polycarbonate material that lets people see what kind of phone I have. To break the case all the way down, the sides are made of a soft, rubbery material that is drop-resistant, and the back is made of a clear material that is scratch resistant when I lay it on a desk of shove it in my pocket or bag.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle comes in Black (looks dope on my space gray iPhone 6), Clear, Blue, Green, and Red…if you want to add a little style to your iPhone 6. If you want to keep your screen free of scratches and scrapes, you will still need a screen protector. My suggestion for a screen protector is the InvisibleShield HDX Glass Screen Shield for Apple iPhone 6 which is also “What I’m Rocking” on my iPhone 6

What immediately attracted me to the SUPCASE iPhone 6 case, even though I’ve never heard of them before, was the fact that it hardly added any extra dimensions to my iPhone 6. Sure my phone is a little thicker and heavier, but the case design really compliments the phone and I can still fit in my front pocket with no problem. Exactly what I was looking for in a case.

As you can tell from my bullet points above, I take good care of my phones during normal use. BUT there may be a time when something happens that’s out of my control, so instead of shedding one thug tear due to an act of God, I’d rather have a sleek and sexy case that doesn’t try to do everything, but it does just enough to have my back all while letting me  ever-so-subtlety humble brag on my iPhone 6 when out in public.

The best part of the case is…It’s only $17 bucks on Amazon #AmazonPrimeFTW. A deal I could not let pass buy.

If you’re still waiting on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can cop the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle series iPhone 6 and 6 Plus case and have it waiting when you finally get your shiny iPhone.

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