[Infographic] Why Does My Mobile Device Battery Suck?

It’s amazing what our mobile devices can do. They do so much that I can’t live without my smartphone our society has started to grow somewhat dependent on them. As a side effect, we have grown accustomed to knowing exactly where all the power outlets are located during our daily routine in the excellent chance that the battery is going to die…cause it’s gonna die.

To combat “mobile battery fatigue” you can make sure you have an extended battery charged up on your person at all times. Or you can invest in one of those clunky smartphone battery cases that takes away all the secksyness of your device. You can even do what I did one day (just one day) and let the battery die.

It’s just strange that with all the technological advancements in mobile displays, connectivity & speed, cameras, apps, etc. why has mobile battery innovation lagged behind? Is it because getting into the battery game isn’t as glamorus as developing an app that lets me share stuff with people the majority of whom I really don’t care about #JustSayin

The folks at Samsung Semiconductor have published an infographic that highlights its plan to increase battery life with a new mobile memory solution that can lower operating power consumption by 33% and standby power consumption by nearly 90%.

Samsung_mobile memory IG_FINAL

Until Samsung decides to bless the world with its break-through mobile technology, let me know all the ghetto rigs tips & tricks you use to keep your device charged throughout the day.




  • KittyBradshaw

    I put my phone on airplane mode to save energy until I get close to a charger/ outlet. My next phone I will invest in an extra battery.

    • BrothaTech

      Good idea. I cut off location services, wifi & Bluetooth

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