iPhone vs. anDROID

If you don’t already know by now, Brotha Tech is a Crackberry Addict. As a result, I would be hardpressed to give you a un-biased head-to-head of the new Motorola DROID versus the widely popular Apple iPhone…so I will let somebody else do it (one of these days, I will branch out)

The Lowdown:

The folks over at Techno Buffalo (nice job on the new site) have put up a nice video on the two devices and how they stand up against each other in a few main categories: web browsing, typing, and apps. So for all you die-hard iPhone users, an those thinking about jumping on the DROID bandwagon, check out this video:


Maybe when the BlackBerry Storm 2 drops, they will revisit the smartphone battle *hint hint*

[via: Techno Buffalo]