Is The iPhone vs Android Beef Worth Getting Stabbed Over?

Sometimes I try to distance myself from being called a geek or a nerd (still not really sure what the difference is) after I hear about stories like what happened in Tulsa Oklahoma this morning.

Two roommates decided that stabbing each other was the BEST way to settle the age-old iPhone vs Android debate. According to Tulsa Station KTUL, the men broke beer bottles and starting stabbing each other around 1 a.m. after they got drunk during their heated debate. A woman found one of the men stumbling around the apartment complex covered in blood. Both men had to got to the hospital for their injuries. Bet money they didn’t even settle their debate.

One of the reasons why I don’t read the comments section of my favorite tech sites is because of the hate some fanboys have for each other. Folks who don’t even work for Apple or Google can’t wait to take proverbial stabs at each other based on their mobile alliance. Sure, I have my own preferred platform, but seriously…

Serious Lee

Arguing with folks online or worse, taking it to the streets and stabbing folks with beer bottle shards is too much. I guess tech fanboyism is the same as folks arguing over political/religious/sexual preference beliefs, so “misery loves company”?

In the end, there are more important things to worry about when it comes who makes the best mobile platform…like caring for the people who actually assemble your favorite smartphone.

…But if you can’t keep your disdain to yourself the very least, keep the iPhone vs Android beef “on wax”.

You tell me, is the iPhone vs Android beef that deep, or did I just dream that two roomates stabbed each other?