iPad and bluetooth keyboard

Probably the number one reason why I don’t blog more than I already do is that I’m lazy long-winded – I feel the need to tell you everything you need to know instead of presenting the basics to get you started.

One of the ways I plan to combat that is by using other blog formats and blogging more from a tablet and smartphone. In order to do that, there have to be some changes in my thought process and methodology, as well as adding gadgets, and apps/services into the mix. So here just a few ways I plan to write more by writing less.

Keep It [Short] Stupid

As long as it relates to your subject-matter or niche and it’s engaging, shorter than normal blog posts more than work for your blog. If you must have guidelines, I would say 200 words and up is decent for a short blog post. That amount is just enough for search engines to take your content seriously.

What I am playing around with now are the new post formats for WordPress. Instead of a “standard” format, I am using the “aside” format to link to other posts I write for other sites; “status” for more of an news update to a story I think my readers would want to know about; “Image” to upload a photo as a blog post an follow up with a question.

Those different formats force me to keep it short, but keep it relevant.

Go-Go Gadget…Gadgets

With the right Bluetooth Keyboard, you can convert any tablet into a mobile computer that can get you up an running, banging out more content.

Even a smart phone can help you add content to your site that your readers want to check out. You can do things like snap a picture to pose a question to your audience that will get them talking.

The idea is to get those thoughts out of your head now using a mobile device. I can safely speak for most of you when I say you probably have your tablet or smartphone on you at all times, so why not get your “money’s worth” and start creating content wherever you are.

App Game Is Mean

Mobile blogging apps have come a long way. If you’re looking for a feature-rich experience on your mobile device, mobile apps give you more control over your site if you need to do more than just publish your thoughts. You can create drafts, manage multiple blogs, add links, edit media, and change basic blog settings.

Believe it or not, email is still a powerful communication tool. We all know how to compose an email with a mobile device right? Some of y’all can bang out a pretty lengthy email with your thumbs. Many blog platforms will have features that will let you submit emails as blog drafts or posts.

I hear what you’re thinking “Why don’t I just put shorter content on my social media sites?” I’m not saying that you ditch engagement via social media. Here are a couple of reasons why you should also add short content on your site:

Content Ownership: You give sites permission to do whatever to your photos that you agreed to in their Terms Of Service. Also, if that site disappears, all your content is gone with it.

Mo’ Money: You can’t sell ads, publish sponsored posts, or have affiliate marketing on your social media sites like you can on your blog.

Content is king right? The more content on your site, the more opportunities to gain more readers, drive up your stats, and get paid. Again, just don’t go all willey-nilley for the sake of traffic – Your content, no matter how short, has to be relevant and engaging. But if you have something say, use that tablet or smartphone to get it off your chest now versus completely forgetting what you wanted to say when you are back in front of your computer.

…I’ll start with the shorter posts after this one

This post is brought to you by Tesco, as always all opinions are mine and not swayed by outside sources