Ladies Do Tech: #Digitini Social Happy-Hour

Everwhere Cupcakes and Cocktails invite

Everywhere Digital Invite

Last week, I wrote an article for Black And Married With Kids asking the question “Who wears the [tech] pants in the family“. It was evident during my experience at the #Digitini event held at the Everywhere offices honoring Digital Sisterhood‘s very own Ananda Leeke, that ladies not only enjoy a good cocktail, but also get down on the tech side of things as well.

Yes, a Brotha was invited to a networking event hosted and attended by women, but hey, I did attend Blogalicious last year in DC, and one thing I learned is that ladies sure do know how to have a good time. So it’s now nothing for me to hang out and network with women who are “doing the damn thang” (Are we still saying that?)

BrothaTech and Ananda Leeke

BrothaTech and Ananda Leeke

Anyway, I was not surprised that the event was to honor the digital trailblazer Ananda Leeke who was in town for the Women of Color Leadership Conference. So that alone was reason for me to attend the event just to catch up with Ananda, who I originally met at Blogalicious 2011.

While there, I rubbed elbows with the Everywhere crew, a social media marketing house; as well as many other female entreprenuers. Of course, a Brotha like me could not help but observe all the tech that was happening at the event.

Everwhere iMac

Everwhere Mac setup

Everywhere Polaroids

Everywhere Polaroids

The Everwhere office was littered with huge iMac computers – That’s a thumbs up in my book. The organizers and attendees were also taking pictures using some fancy-schmancy high-end cameras as well. Made me…ME…keep my little iPhone 4S camera in my pocket most of the night. Conversely, the ladies also used a polaroid camera to snap some instant photos. The folks at the event loved that as well.

Square Reader

Square Mobile credit card reader

Execumama QR Biz Card

Execumama QR Biz Card

My homegirl Jai Stone was there with some copies of her Black Love Magazine. She had her Square mobile credit card reader on hand to “Get That Money” just in case someone wanted to buy a copy. My other homegirl Akilah S. (Execumama) Richards uses a QR Code on her biz card. Since I’m a QR Code fan, I made sure to snap a pic of her card, and scan it to see it she is doing QR Codes right – Of course she was.

Cracked iPhone screen

Cracked iPhone screen

Not to be outdone by the techie ladies, I made to sure whip out my QR Code necklace that’s more of a conversation starter than just for bragging rights. Also, I got to promote myself as more than just a tech blogger, but an actual gadget technician – They don’t call me BrothaTech for nothing. There were a couple of ladies (not saying any names) with cracked smartphone screens. So I made sure to put the word out that I also can repair cracked screens, in addition to other gadget-related repairs & upgrades “Y’all better ask about me” (Are we still saying that?).

OMG Cup Cakes

OMG Cup Cakes

Like I said, in addition to being tech savvy, the ladies sure do know how to host an event.  So drinks (hence the event name #Digitini), food, and dessert, courtesy of OMG Cup & Cakes were on deck.

All that to say, don’t sleep on ladies making moves in the tech world. I was honored and extremely impressed to be apart of the event. In addition to making some new connections that will help me expand the BrothaTech brand, I had a good time watching the ladies get their ‘tech on’ (Now I know were not still using that).

Terrance Gaines

Terrance Gaines is an Apple Certified Support Professional living in Atlanta. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and two smart, sweet, and sassy daughters, he's providing individuals and small biz owners with exceptional, comprehensive, and affordable technology support that will enable people to do great things. For more information, visit

  • Love this post!! We love having you in Atlanta and it’s great that you were finally able to get into the office. We hope to see plenty more of your smiling face around here! Have a great week!

  • Thanks Terrence for including me in your Digitini post. I enjoyed hanging out with you at Everywhere’s offices. My dad John says hello. He told me he enjoys following you on Twitter. Hit him up @drjleeke. Keep shining Digital Brotha!

    • Sorry I mispelled your name… Terrance … It’s etched in mybrian.

      • It’s cool. I figure you owed me one as a result of my Blogalicious blunder, lol!

    • Will do!

      Thanks for for the comment!

  • Great recap! Great to see you as always!