Let Your Battery Die To Live


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Last night, I went to the Startup Rally in Atlanta. It was an event to recognize and support local tech entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Some groups were pitching, others were demoing their product/idea expo-style. Others (like me) were there to support and spread the word on the booming startup culture in the south.

I fully planned on taking some pics, shooting some video, and spreading the love on my social networks. The only issue was, I left my charging cable and extended battery in my other bag, so by the time I got to the event, my smartphone’s battery was “low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low”. I could only use my smartphone sparingly.

I had no choice but to stick my phone in my pocket for the majority of the event. You know what happened? I actually paid attention, learned about some cool companies on the come up, and did some impressive networking.

Normally, most of the night’s festivities would have went in one ear and out the other while I was tweeting, Instagramming, and trying to figure out the best way to save a contact’s information digitally. I retained most of the information simply because I wasn’t distracted by my gadgets.

My whole schtick is show people how to live the “Digital Lifestyle” but every now and again, you just have to unplug and open your eyes and ears to what’s going around you.

So every once in a while, let your battery die, so that you can live.

Yes, that was corny, but you get the point.

Terrance Gaines

Terrance Gaines is an Apple Certified Support Professional living in Atlanta. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and two smart, sweet, and sassy daughters, he's providing individuals and small biz owners with exceptional, comprehensive, and affordable technology support that will enable people to do great things. For more information, visit terrancegaines.com

  • Well said! Sometimes it is best to just “unplug” from the digital world once in awhile and get back to the basics.

  • Lisa Collins

    So True! At first it feels kinda weird but I promise I retain it is so worth it. Every once and a while.

  • GAAAAAASP!!!!! You forgot your charger, Bro T?! It’s the end of days. JK—great post!

    • You know I was beside myself with anger when I looked in my bag and my charger or cable wasn’t there. But there was a silver-lining so I was cool.
      …But you know I orginally panicked like a mug, LOL!

  • The SistahChick

    The thought of a low battery at an event terrifies me!! lol good for you.