Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard – Desktop Productivity And Space Saving

There have definitely been times when I’ve reached for my iPhone or iPad to reply to a text message or other in-app notification while sitting at my desk in front of a full-functioning desktop keyboard.

The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard wants to be your go-to desktop productivity device for those exact times when typing on a full keyboard just makes more sense.

I received this device in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own…Take, that, take that, take that FTC

It seems as if everybody owns at least 3 personal devices: A smartphone, tablet, and computer, all with their own unique functions. Furthermore, people are not scared of using all three at one time. It’s very plausible to be typing up a document on your computer, responding to text messages on your smartphone, and looking up YouTube videos on your tablet. I know multitasking is a big thing, but it can slow down productivity when you have to constantly switch between devices to complete tasks.

Enter the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard which can handle the task of Bluetooth keyboard for your smartphone, tablet, and computer. It also doubles as a stand for your smartphone and tablet (vertical or horizontal) so you can prop them up in an optimal viewing angle while you complete tasks.

Close-up of integrated Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard smartphone tablet slot via BrothaTech.comI’ll admit, the size of the keyboard is larger than I’m used to (I rock an Apple Wireless Keyboard). I’m assuming that’s due to the integrated slot for a smartphone and/or tablet. Additionally, the keys have a little chunkier than my current keyboard, but my typing speed was back to normal with just a little time using the keyboard. Speaking of keys, the Multi-Device keyboard has all the familiar function keys in the right place for both PC and Mac users, so I wasn’t hunting around for my heavily used Mac ‘control’, ‘option’, and ‘command’ keys.Bluetooth setup was pretty simple. There is a Bluetooth configuration button to connect to your computer, and a button to connect to a mobile device. You can connect up to three devices at one time and switch between them using what I call the “quick switch toggle knob”.

Close-up of integrated Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard quick switch via BrothaTechThe only setup trick is to remember what position the knob is in when you connect each device so you can quickly jump between devices without confusion. I used the “Big to Little” method – My computer is in position 1, tablet in position 2, and phone in position 3.Switching between devices was pretty seamless as the Bluetooth connection didn’t lag at all. In other words, if you’re in the process of banging out a dope blog post on your computer, and get a text message on your smartphone, you can quickly toggle the keyboard to the desired device for a quick reply. When you’re done, you can toggle right back to finish your post.

This keyboard is not rechargeable, but comes with 2AAA Batteries (pre-installed). Battery life, according to Logitech is 2 years. It does have an on/off switch on the bottom of the keyboard so I’m assuming the life would be shorter as it would be pretty easy to forget to turn it off due to the location of the switch. But that still would be a looong time before you have to worry about new batteries.

Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard with devices via BrothaTech.comThe only drawback to the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard is it’s size. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s thicker than your average computer keyboard. As a result, even though it can also be used as a keyboard for a tablet or smartphone, it’s not a portable keyboard — It’s made for computer usage on a desk that also can be used in conjunction with a mobile device. In other words, this joint will stay at home in front of your computer monitor, so don’t even try to shove it in your cute minimalist gadget bag.

This last one is my own little observation, but the Multi-Device Keyboard works great if you’re working with devices from different platforms: a PC computer, iPad, and Android smartphone for example. If you’re a Mac user with the latest Mac and iOS operating systems (like me), you can already send text messages, reply to emails, and complete other small typing tasks using one device via Apple’s Continuity features (provided you’re also logged into the same iCloud account on all devices). So if a text message came through on my iPhone, I can reply via the Messages app on my computer.

But I’m sure multi-plaform devices are all pretty common in multi-device households, which I’m sure most American homes are. So why not try out the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard for $49.99 and see if you can boost your productivity and maximize your desk space with “one [keyboard] to rule on them all”.

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