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Low-Tech Packing Tip – Reuse Shredded Paper as Packing Material

I'm A Genius for coming up with this idea!

Half-way through packing up some of our boxes on a late night, I had a genius idea to reuse some of the paper from our office that we shredded as packing material for some of our fragile material that need to go in boxes.

We were going to buy more paper, bubble wrap, and some of those styrofoam popcorn thingys to use a packing material; but instead, we can now save our dough and give some old shredded paper new life.

Note: If this is an old technique that people have been using for years, do me a favor and keep your mouth shut and let me be great, lol!

Tech used: $50 paper shredder from Staples.

Terrance GainesLow-Tech Packing Tip – Reuse Shredded Paper as Packing Material
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  • Divasanddorks - January 7, 2012 reply

    Great idea! Moving is always a headache so anytime you have an “ah ha” moment that makes it easier for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dallas shredding - January 13, 2012 reply

     Shredding paper and using it for packaging sure is a great idea! It helps minimize paper waste and at the same time, it is one resourceful method and like you said, you can save money.

  • BrothaTech - January 13, 2012 reply

    Good to see that I actually came up with a “huh, never thought to do that” idea. While I was filming, I just knew that someone else came up with this idea like 5 years ago, lol!

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