Mac Tech Tip: Spotlight Search

Mac OS X has done its best to force us to get rid of using a traditional ‘folder/file’ structure to save our files. Reason being is because its easy to create this complex file structure and even easier to forget where everything is.

Add that in with the fact that our files are now spread out (and often duplicated) across numerous cloud synchronization accounts, and it’s pretty easy to lose files, even if you know what the file name is.

Your Mac’s built-in Spotlight search tool (OS X Yosemite and El Capitan) is a quick and easy way to find those otherwise lost files.

Depending on your settings, check out this short list of other dope things you can find/do in Spotlight:

  • Find items in the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or App Store
  • Find locations near you, such as stores, restaurants, parks, and landmarks
  • Find Wikipedia entries for people, places, and more
  • Find movies playing in theaters near you
  • News for current events
  • Get currency and unit conversions
  • Open an app
  • Get a calculation or a definition