Mio Lifesaver II Review

Mio Lifesaver II Review via BrothaTech.com

Disclaimer: I was given a Lifesaver II for review. All opinions are my own.

Don’t get caught sleeping in these streets without power for your gadgets. There are a ton of those emergency/extended batteries for your mobile electronics. Reason being is because we wouldn’t be caught dead without a smartphone or tablet. So it’s not a question of do you need one (because you do), it’s a question of what kind you need.

Do you just need an emergency charger to get you out of a jam, or do you need a power plant that can charge a multitude of devices. Does it need to be powerful or portable? With such a wide selection to choose from, it’s easy to get confused on what you need. Personally, I’m looking for something that is ultra portable, but can change all the different devices I may be carrying on me at any time.

So when the folks at Everik reached out to see if I was interested in reviewing the Lifesaver II by Mio, a sleek and fast charging power pack with adapters to charge many devices, I made sure to shoot them my address.

Features & Specs:

  • 4500mAh battery
  • Fast-charging 2.4 amp output
  • Sleek design
  • LED charge Indicator
  • Fully charges smartphones in less than 1hr
  • Can charge most tablets back to 50%


What I like most about the Lifesaver II is that it can charge ALL of my mobile electronics (smartphone, tablet, Mifi Hotspot, smart watch…It will even charge my compact DSLR camera) and still is the overall size of my largest smartphone. What I don’t like about the Lifesaver II is since I carry a wide variety of devices with different charging ports, I have to also carry around the tiny 30-pin and lighting port adapters to make sure all my devices are covered.

*Lawd, hear my prayer and force the U.S. government to force technology companies to create one standard charging port*

There are some other similar chargers with built-in charging cords, but they are bulky and not as portable as the Lifesaver II.

Enough with the talking, here is a video review to give you a better idea of the Lifesaver II by Mio

Overall, I think the Mio Lifesaver II will by my new go-to device when I carry multiple devices.It’s pretty new, and the folks at Everik will be at CES 2014 unveiling the Lifesaver II and additional information like pricing, but I’m assuming it will be on sale for around $60 bucks. Check out the site for more information.