myCharge Peak 6000 – All The Power Your Mobile Devices Need

myCharge Peak 6000 extended batteryI don’t leave the house with some sort of backup battery for my mobile devices. Now that I have an LTE device, it seems like the battery is at 30% before I leave the driveway. Out of all of the backup batteries I have, none lasts as long on a single charge, charges as many devices, or is as cool as the myCharge Peak 6000 extended battery.

The folks behind the Powerbag that keeps your mobile devices charged while they sit snug in the custom bag, has a line extended batteries to keep your mobile devices charged while they sit in your pocket or on your desk. The myCharge Peak 6000 extended battery is on the beefier side of extended batteries as far as size, but you’re guaranteed to get more than enough power, plus a little audible surprise.


The Peak 6000 gets its name from the 6000mAh Lithium Polymer battery. That equates to approximately 670 standy hours, 27 hours of 3G talk-time, 134 hours of music and 34 hours of video. To give you some comparison, the Droid Razr Maxx smartphone currently has the largest smartphone battery on the market with a 3,300mAh battery. So the Peak 6000 has almost double the power of the most powerful smartphone.

The 6000 also boasts a proprietary iOS output for your Apple devices, and a USB & microUSB inputs to charge your Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry devices, and any other device that has an USB port (like the new-fangled iPhone 5 lightning cable). It also has a traditional 5-Volt wall outlet and USB input to charge the 6000. In other words, you can charge up to three mobile devices at one time, in addition to two options for keeping your 6000 charged up.

mycharge peak 6000_Nexus


The Peak 6000 isn’t the most sleek, sexy, or sophisticated extended battery out there when compared to devices like the Mophie Juice pack powerstation. You definitely won’t get away with tucking this beast in your back pocket or purse. On the flip-side, it has more ports than you know what to do with. In my opinion, the 6000 is designed for those folks who have more than a little bit of gadgets to keep charged up on a long day away from home, and a large bag to keep it all in.


I tried to charge several mobile gadgets using the myCharge Peak 6000 including bluetooth earbuds, two tablets “at the same damn time” a MiFi router, a [non DSLR] high-end camera…they all charged up with no problem.

Probably the one thing that sets the myCharge Peak 6000 apart from any of its competitors are the voice alerts you get when you charge it up or attach devices to it. Additionally, the 6000 will tell you exactly how much battery you have left: “Battery is Full” or “Battery is at 50%”. In other words, you don’t have to guess what devices are plugged up to what ports or how much power you have left – the 6000 has no problem announcing it’s capabilities.

Overall, the myCharge Peak 6000 isn’t the sexiest or most portable, but it will handle just about any mobile device you throw at it. So if you’re a multiple gadget-toting geek, or don’t plan on being anywhere near a wall outlet anytime soon, the bulky but reliable myCharge Peak 6000 at $99 will get the job done and then some.



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