Native Union Jump Cable

I can’t imagine my phone dying while I’m out an about. That fear is right up there with being caught naked out in public. Actually, I would prefer being naked with 80% left on my iPhone battery versus wearing a nice tailored suit with 1% battery life left with 8 hours to go before I can get to a wall outlet.

All that to say, I have tried tons of portable backup batteries to find the perfect combination of extra battery coverage and portability. I finally decided to check out the Native Union Jump cable and I must say it’s my favorite new gadget I use daily.

First off (yeah I said first off), I carry a ton of stuff in my daily bag, including an iPhone cable to sync with my MacBook, and a backup battery for emergencies. The Native Union Jump Cable is an Apple MFI certified sync cable. When I connect my phone to my MacBook, it provides the same functionality as a standard iPhone cable. As an added bonus, the braided cable on the Slate version seems sturdier than you average iPhone cable.

The meat and potatoes of the Native Union Jump cable is that it’s also an 800mAh backup battery that provides 30% extra battery power for up to 2.5 hours of extra talk time.

When I’m charging my phone via a wall outlet, the Jump Cable charges itself after my phone is fully charged. When I’m away from my computer or a wall outlet, the Jump Cable is about the size of a matchbook so it’s small enough to fit in my pocket to give me that extra boost between happy hour and party time…If I got out like that, which ain’t often.

But if/when I do get out, I’ll make sure i’m fully charged and fully clothed.

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