Nest Learning Thermostat Now on Apple’s Website

Nest Thermostat

I Can Haz Housewarming gift?

The Nest Learning (and app controlled) thermostat will probably be one of the first gadgets I buy when we finally pick a neighborhood and buy a house.

Developed by a former Apple Senior Vice President, Nest hasn’t been able to keep the device in stock since its release late last year. Just some of the cool (get it?) features of the thermostat include:

  • Auto Scheduler – Learns how you like the temperature and adapts by itself
  • Activity Sensors – It knows if you are at home or not and adjusts itself accordingly
  • Weather Wave – Uses Wifi to check the weather outside
  • Real-time Control – Control the thermostat with your laptop, smartphone or tablet

The learning thermostat was so hot (get it?) that the folks over at Honeywell hit Nest Labs with a patent lawsuit, claiming that the thermostat infringed on several patents including

U.S. Patent No. 7,584,899 – “HVAC Controller”

Really Honeywell? Nobody can make an HVAC Controller but you?

At any rate, Nest Labs hasn’t backed down and promises to fight this one. Looks as if Apple is putting its money on Nest and has inked a deal to carry the gadget in its online store.

To me, this means that Nest now has the juice to crank up production since Apple will be carrying it online. But just in case, if you’re in the market for a geeky, energy-friendly and cost-saving gadget for your home, I suggest you jump on a Nest Learning Thermostat. It will set you back $249.95 from Apple, or save yourself $.95 cents and buy it directly from Nest, they will also install it for you (for a fee, of course).

Hey nice Nest folks, maybe you can send a Brotha one as a housewarming gift for a thorough review?




  • Sean

    I am really thinking of pulling the trigger on this one. I just half to convince the Mrs that it is a worthwhile investment, and not just another cool gadget for me. We saw one in Lowes a few weeks ago, and I think that brought her closer to giving the Green Light on buying one. I will try again soon, and see if I can convince her.

    • Terrance Gaines

      Thanks for the post

      I have an “Angel Investor/Venture Capitalist” in the my family to whom I have to pitch my ideas before I can receive funding as well, lol!

      I’m rooting for ya!

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