New Home – Call Me The Digital Lifestyle Expert

Can’t remember where I heard it, but the phrase “you’re not just a blogger” is sticking in my head for some strange reason. Anywayz…It was about time that I have some “digital digs” that displays all my tech talents. So I am happy to announce the new

If you take some time to poke around, you will quickly see that I’m not just a guy who loves technology, I’m finally starting to leverage the BrothaTech brand that I’ve spent the last couple of years building up.

Family, friends, and all the social networking peeps knew I did a little of this, and a little of that. Now they can finally see all that I’m capable of. To give you the Cliff’s Notes:

I’m a…

  • Technology blogger Publisher/Pundit/Personality
  • Freelance tech contributor and speaker
  • Technology Concierge (think Consultant but without all the geeky jargon)
  • Gadget Repairs Specialist

Future plans include tech podcast host and eCommerce professional

…Or you can call me the Digital Lifestyle Expert for short.

So I imagined the current site (with my homegirl Lisa Richardson of Flow! behind the wheel) to give you all a better picture of what I do and what I envision myself as in the next couple of years.

Be sure to continue to support a Brotha and be sure to drop me a line to let me know the kind of stuff you want to see more of “round these parts”.




  • Marc A.

    Love the new site, man. Still easy on the eyes and not flashy but more poppin’!

  • Lisa R.

    Glad you’re happy! It was a pleasure to work with you. 🙂

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