Next Generation iPhone 5S – What To Expect

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The Rumor Mill loves when an Apple announcement lurks around the corner. Image leaks, wild and crazy analyst assumptions, and “sources close to the matter” all give tech publications fodder to cook up some pretty interesting stories about what Apple is cooking up.

This latest round of rumors for the better half of this year have circled around the latest iPhone. According to history, Apple has released a new version of its precious iPhone, then released an upgraded version of the same phone the following year.

The upgraded version usually looks the same from a design standpoint, but with upgraded internal hardware. Will this year be any different as tech publications have all but decided that on Tuesday, September 10th, Apple will announce the iPhone 5S?

You will have to tune in to the official Apple event on that day. Until then, check out my iPhone 5S rumor round-up on Babble

What to Expect from the Next Generation iPhone 5S