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One Thing You’re NOT Doing To Secure Your Computer’s Data

Before you give yourself an “A” on your proverbial or hopefully actual Information Security policy (InfoSec for the geeks), there is one more thing you’re not doing to keep your computer’s data secure.

The Hard Drive inside your computer is the kink in the armor that is your personal/business InfoSec policy. Even though you have a strong password or passphrase to access your computer, all your data lives on the Hard Drive inside your computer.

That means if your computer is ever lost or stolen, the password on your computer will only slow down people from accessing your computer’s data. A person who knows his/her way around a computer will move on to the next step of accessing your data – Opening up your computer, taking the Hard Drive out and connecting it to another computer. Now with a little digging, that person has access to all your data.

So one thing you should do to protect the data on your computer is to encrypt the Hard Drive inside your computer. In laymen’s terms, encrypting a Hard Drive is adding a password to the Hard Drive so nobody can decode and access your data. So even if somebody yanks the Hard Drive out of your computer, they will still need your Hard Drive password to do access your data.


If you’re meticulous and expertly manage the files on your computer, you can opt to only encrypt the sensitive files/folders. If your files are all over the place (like, I’m assuming most of you reading this do not have a strategic folder/file structure), you can choose to encrypt the entire Drive altogether.

Encrypting a Hard Drive takes some time. Additionally, once you add a secure password to your Hard Drive, DON’T LOSE OR FORGET that password, or your files will be inaccessible even to you.

If you put in the work, or get somebody else to do it form your #PLUG, encrypting your Hard Drive is one of the most safest ways to make sure the data on your computer is secure. How important is your data to you?


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