phonetic eyewear - give you eyes a break via BrothaTech

Phonetic Eyewear – Give Your Eyes A Break

If your eyes are focused on a computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or TV watching movies or gaming for prolonged periods of time, there are things you can do to reduce Digital Eye Strain like look away every so often to give your eyes some periodic rest. You can also look into special "computer glasses" from Phonetic Eyewear that uses technology to combat Digital Eye Strain....

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A Brotha’s Under $200 Birthday Gadget Gift List

There isn't simply ONE must-have birthday gift I want, so my first blog post of the year will be a listicle of all the tech gift ideas on my radar, but with one catch: I only get $200 for birthday money. Peep what gadgets and gizmos that are on my birthday gadget gift list....

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brothatech at consumer reports

My Consumer Report Visit – No Free Rides

The folks as Consumer Reports know they have to keep up with the times, all while still remaining a purposeful and optimistic organization focused on improving lives. So they invited a group of influential individuals to the headquarters in New York for an inside look at the non-profit, non-partisan organization independent of corporate and advertising. ...

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