Perfect the Art of the Wedding Crash with Crash Corsage App

A PCMag/AppScout Joint

I was just sending a Tweet using the line “there’s an app for everything” in regards to a sex toy that can be controlled by an iOS app (I know you want the link), when I stumbled upon another app that made me say “there’s an app for that too?”

The app is Crash Corsage and it gives you all the tools to successfully crash a local wedding.

Think of the movie “Wedding Crashers” but without all the research the characters had to do to actually blend in with the wedding crowd. Since the to-be bride and groom are all giddy & anxious to tell the world about their upcoming nuptials, chances are they used one of those free “create your very own wedding website” services to inform their guests of all the details. Crash Corsage digs through all the public profiles of all the major sites, and organizes it all on the app. Details lilke:

– Wedding/reception location, date & time
– Attire
– Background info on bride & groom (how they met, etc.)

When you build up enough courage to actually go through with the crash, you have instant access to all the details you need just in case you get challenged by a curious attendee.

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