How To: Quickly View iPhone X Battery Life Percentage

I’ve had the iPhone X for a couple days, and I must say it is a glorious device. Nothing that will make Google or Samsung smartphone users shake in their proverbial boots, but definitely a device Apple fans like me can be proud of.

Out of all the dope things the iPhone X brings to the table, there is one little quirk that has me scratching my head – Why did Apple remove the option of showing battery life percentage from the notification bar. I’m guessing it had something to do with the lack of screen real estate that is currently chewed up by all the fancy Face ID sensors at the top of the iPhone X?

Whatever the reason, you can only guesstimate how much iPhone X battery life is left based on how full or empty the battery symbol is at the top-right side of the iPhone X notch (the popular term is “bunny ear”).


I’m assuming most of us live and die by knowing the exact amount of battery life left on our mobile devices, so I did a video showing you two ways to quickly view your iPhone X battery life percentage.

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