Review and Giveaway: tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Buying a case is one of the first and probably most important accessory purchases a person makes after they pick up a shiny-new phone.
If you’re looking to buy yourself a case for your new phone that will happily protect it from any drops, while also being personalised to you, you could look at buying a custom phone case.

With all the hype surrounding the new iPhone release, case manufacturers were and still are itching to get their products wrapped around user’s phones. tech21 is a brand that has a close relationship with Apple products, so when they reached out to me to test our the Impact Clear case for my iPhone 7 Plus, I took them up on their offer, only if they sweetened the pot for my readers.

First, let me say all cases are not for all situations. Some are purely cosmetic, and some are built for protection. the tech21 Impact Clear case attempts to walk the line between protection and style by being made of a flexible material that tech21 dubs “BulletShield™” that protects my iPhone 7 Plus from drops up to a 5ft height. But the Impact Clear case doesn’t completely hide all of the phone’s aesthetics with its see-through body, and ridged accents around the edge of the case. In other words, if you’re one of those clumsy people who needs a certain level of protection, but is worried about what other people think also wants to maintain a certain level of style, the tech21 Impact Clear case comes through.

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Side Note: If you’re thinking about about copping the Impact Clear case, and you have either the “Matte” Black or “Jet” Black iPhone 7/7 Plus, do yourself a favor and opt for the “smoke” dark version of the case. While the “silver” clearer version looks good, the smoke version would’ve set my phone clean OFF! #LearnFromyMistake

The iPhone 7 Plus is already big, but I purchased it solely because of the better camera, but was afraid that it would not be “pocketable” naked, let alone when I finally added a case. tech21 does humble brag about the fact that the Impact Clear case is thin and light, which suggests that the additional size and heft added to the iPhone 7 Plus will have minimal…impact (see what I did there?).

After using the Impact Clear case for about a week, I do notice the extra weight and size added to my iPhone 7 Plus, but it was not noticeable enough that it changed how I use the phone with the case on versus off. Meaning, using the case doesn’t stop me from shoving the phone in my pants pocket, mounting it on the dash of my car, or using the phone in any regular situation. On the flip side, it goes without saying that if you need the added protection of any case, (tech21 Impact Case included), be ready add just a little extra “junk in the trunk”.

slight scratches on tech21 impact clear case

I was incredibly surprised at how the Impact Clear case resists smudges and fingerprints – I hardly had to use a cloth on the case at all. My only gripe about the tech21 Impact Clear case is that it wasn’t equally as scratch resistant. Now don’t get me wrong, my case isn’t completely covered with scratches after one week…far from it. But I’d like to think I’m pretty careful when it comes to phones. Hell, all of the phones I’ve repaired in my lifetime instinctively forces me to take extra care even when I have a case on my phone. All that to say I was caught off guard by some of the barely visible, but present scratches that did show up on my phone after a week of use.

But I could simply look at it as the case was doing its job. I can’t imagine how upset I would’ve been if those scratches appeared on my expensive-arse phone versus on a case that can be replaced. So I can’t really hate on the tech21 Impact Clear case for actually protecting my phone from scratches that very well could’ve ended up on my phone.

Overall, the tech21 Impact Clear case does its job well and I would put it up against any smartphone case in its price category at $40 bucks on the tech21 website. Add an Evo Glass screen protector, and you’ve got front to back protection, without carrying around an beautiful phone, wrapped up in an ugly case.

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Like I mentioned earlier, tech21 sweetened the pot and was nice enough to provide an extra tech21 Impact Clear case to giveaway to one of my readers/followers. Do me a favor and head over to my Instagram account to possibly win an Impact Clear case for your own iPhone 7 Plus.

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