[Review] LunaTik LYNK Nano Watch Band

LYNK Blackout rearI’ve been dying to get my hands on the latest iPod Nano. Luckily, an old Nano that my wife was using qualified for the iPod Replacement Program initiated by Apple late last year. So I gave her the Nano I was using (she gets all the tech hand-me-downs), sent hers to Apple, and they sent me a current generation (refurbished) Nano.

One of the FIRST things I did was went to an Apple Store in search of those LunaTik Nano watch bands that started out as a Kickstarter project and turned into a compay. Unfortunately, the Apple store didn’t have them in stock, so I reluctantly bought another brand that was in stock. The band I bought is “cool” but I REALLY wanted a LunaTik. So I reached out to the company and they gladly sent me one of their newer model LYNK bands.

LYNK Blackout sideThe LYNK is a watch band the comes in silver and black “blackout” and is an areospace-grade aluminum conversion kit that locks the Nano in the band. In other words, don’t plan on swapping out bands all willy-nilly without a little work. Emphasis on “little” because to adjust the bands and to insert the Nano, it is as simple using the accompanied tools to pop out the links to adjust the band, or unscrew the band to reveal the slots for the Nano. The hardest part was not loosing the tiny pins that keep the band together.

BrothaTech QRCode on iPod Nano

iPod Nano + LunaTik LYNK + QRCode = Tech Geek!

After popping out a few links, and inserting my Nano, I was ready to go. I must admit that I am not used to the “large” band that all the guys are wearing nowadays…and the LYNK is one of those bands. But the fact that it is incredibly light, and I can store QRCodes on my watch so people can scan to view my mobile contact page, far outweights the actual size of the watch.

Overall, the band feels and looks damn good on my arm and it’s worth the $140 price tag (the silver model is 10 bucks cheaper. The cool aspect is in addition to a watch, I now also have a little tech on my arm that can do a number of things from play music and radio stations, to select different watch faces depending on my attire, display pictures, stopwatch and a timer. My only gripe with the iPod Nano is that is doesn’t have Bluetooth – It would’ve been dope if I could LYNK (pun intended) the Nano to my iPhone so when notifications roll in, I could look at my arm to see the notifications versus digging my phone out of my pocket. But the word on the street is that the Nano would have to be bigger to accompany Bluetooth technology. Like I said, the Nano, even when wrapped in the sexy LunaTik LYNK band is already big enough.

My only gripe with the LYNK band is that it is a conversion band. So if I want to use my Nano to listen to music while I exercise and not scratch up my band, I will have to get out the tools to remove my Nano just to clip it on my clothes while I hit the gym. But those times are few and far in-between (sad face), and LunaTik has other models that are just as sexy and give you the ability to remove the Nano at will.

So check out the LYNK Nano bands, and the entire LunaTik product catalog and tell me that isn’t some sweet hardware for your iPod Nano.

…I’ll wait

Terrance Gaines

Terrance Gaines is an Apple Certified Support Professional living in Atlanta. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and two smart, sweet, and sassy daughters, he's providing individuals and small biz owners with exceptional, comprehensive, and affordable technology support that will enable people to do great things. For more information, visit terrancegaines.com

  • Hey Terrance,
    How did you manage to get that QR code on iPod nano? Please share the trick 🙂

    • Step 1. Create and save the QRCode to your computer in a folder you will later sync to iTunes

      Step 2. open iTunes, plug up your Nano and in the device’s settings, click the ‘photo’s tab and browse to the folder where the QRCode (and other pictures) are located

      Step 3. Select ‘sync’ at the bottom of iTunes, and you’re set!

  • Thanks for the heads up. Btw, you can try http://www.qrhacker.com/ for colorful QR codes with logo.