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How frustrating is it when you have about 1% of smartphone power left, but in the process of uploading pics to your favorite social network? For this, and many other reasons I’m an advocate for carrying an extended battery pack at all times. Now I don’t like to use those case/battery packs because they add extra bulk to my smartphone. So I’d prefer an external battery pack.

The problem with external battery packs is that they yet another device to carry, and I’d like to consider myself a minimalist. So the less stuff I have to carry, the better. So when the folks at MOTA reached out about reviewing their Credit Card Power Bank, I had to try it out.


It’s called the Credit Card Power Bank because it is literally the size of credit or business card. It is thicker and taller than a credit card, but not by much. Another cool thing about the MOTA Credit Card Power bank is that it has a built-in MicroUSB cord – That means I don’t have to carry any extra cables to charge my devices. The cord is short, but just long enough to make a connection.

The MOTA CC Power Bank can easily fit in a shirt pocket, front or back pants pocket, or for the ladies, a small “night out on the town” clutch (Yes, I know what a clutch is). As an extra bonus, the MOTA CC Power Bank comes in several colors. I received a black and pink version. You can also choose a blue and silver version.

One potential gripe is that the little button to activate charging seems flimsy, and could wear down, get jammed, or break after constant use. But that’s just an assumption, and I didn’t have any issues in the short time I’ve used the charger.


The MOTA CC Power Bank I reviewed only has an 800mAh battery, so don’t look for it to keep your smartphone charged up all day. I would consider it a one-time “get out of [dead smartphone] jail free” charger. According to MOTA you can get an extra 85 minutes of additional talk time.

Just enough to bring your phone back from the dead to get your social media on when you’re supposed to be entertaining your friends, spending time with your family, or pretending like you’re intersted in what your date is saying…#JustSayin. There is also an 1000mAh version, just in case you need that little extra umph.

During my tests, the MOTA CC Power Bank charged my smartphone pretty fast, and also provided a charge to my Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and my Mifi device. In other words, you can also get away with charging a multitude of small Micro-USB devices.


Like I said, at only 800mAh, you will still need to make sure you’re using your smartphone responsibly in order to avoid needing and extended battery in the first place. But at only $40 bucks, and small enough to fit in your back pocket, the MOTA Credit Card Power Bank is a handy little gadget to make sure your world literally doesn’t end if you run low on smartphone power.

Disclaimer to keep the FCC off my back:

I received two MOTA Credit Card Power Banks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own.





  • aaahs1

    wow, it’s the thinnest power bank design I’ve ever seen. Does it has 2 outputs and a power indicators? My RavPower 14000mAh is so far a great one unless it’s thinker than this credit card power bank.

    • Terrance Gaines

      Just one micro USB input to charge an external device, and one output to charge the device.

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