Review: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 – Emphasis on Mega

Good news: This phone is huge. Bad news: This phone is huge. That’s my impression of the 6.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone. Yes, this is a smartphone…that you put up to your ear…to make calls.

On the flip side, the large screen makes it ideal for doing a ton of multimedia activities without reaching for other devices like an actual tablet or laptop. But before I get into the pros and cons of the phone’s size, let’s get into the details of Samsung’s latest galaxy mega via

Samsung Galaxy Mega Specs:

  • 6.3″ Screen Size
  • 1280 x 720 HD Resolution (720p)
  • 233ppi (pixels/square inch)
  • 1.7 GHz Dual-Core Snapdragon Processor
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage (up to 32GD microSD slot capacity)
  • Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • 8mp rear camera, 1.9mp front camera
  • 3,200mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • 802.11 Dual-band Wifi support
  • NFC support

…And some other stuff. If you compare the specs of the Galaxy Mega to other smartphones currently on the market, it is a mid-range phone. Most “high-end” phones have a 2GHz Dual (or Quad) core processor. They have an 1080p screen resolution and better megapixel front/rear cameras.

What the Galaxy Mega has over other smartphones is simply a bigger screen and a bigger 3,200mAH battery…Which is what most people want in a smartphone. I’m not sure if your average consumer looks up detailed spec comparisons, and since Samsung is no stranger to giving people what they want (or think they want), the  Mega does deliver.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Design

Samsung Galaxy Mega Rear Logo via The Mega is big, but it feels lighter than you’d expect in a phone this large. The silver bezel around the screen and the home button in contrast with the Nova black (with tiny silver dots that gives it a faux carbon-fiber look) gives the phone a modern appeal, but with a touch of class.

Everybody (including me) rags on the plastic back panel of recent Galaxy devices, but after holding the Mega, I didn’t mind the plastic as much as I though I would. It’s Hella slippery though, so you might want to put a bumper on the Mega at the very least. A bumper or case will make the phone even larger than it already is, but a small crack in this massive screen as a result of a drop on the pavement, will be amplified by 50-eleven thousand.

The Nova black color is carried around to the back panel as well, and the camera bezel, AT&T icon and Galaxy Mega wording matches the rest of the phone quite nicely.

Over all, it’s a solid phone. Not as fresh or innovative as the latest Nokia or HTC smartphones, but it looks like a nice phone – It’s not pushing the boundaries of smartphone design, but it’s definitely not a black slab.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Display

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a mid-range phone, so the display specs are average. In general, the display itself looks pretty good. The larger screen size makes it idea for watching movies as the 720p video quality produces a good picture. In the smartphone world, 1080p and 720p sounds like a big number difference, but a ton of original YouTube videos are uploaded in 720p, so if you live on YouTube, you will be pleased with the quality even though it’s not as high as other phones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Features

The folks over at AT&T put together a nice video overview of the Galaxy Mega features

As you can see, the Mega has the basic apps and services you’d expect from Samsung. There are a few features missing on the Mega that are currently found on the Galaxy S4 like some of the gesture controls that let you perform certain features just by waving your hand over the phone.

In my opinion, it’s also missing a stylus. A phone this size needs a stylus, since it’s impossible to use this phone with one hand, even with the “one-hand” options enabled…and if you have Hulk hands. I’m assuming Samsung wanted to keep the stylus experience unique to the Galaxy Note 2 (Samsung’s other phablet).

On the flip-side, features like Multi Window Mode fair very well on the monstrous screen, moreso than on the Galaxy S4 or Note 2, due to so much screen real estate that it’s not even funny.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Functionality

Samsung Galaxy Mega as phone via BrothaTech.comIt should be obvious as to where the Mega stands. It is a multimedia device, that also makes calls. The way we use our smartphones nowadays could put them in the same category, but the size of the Mega clearly pushes the multimedia aspect over the phone aspect.

The Mega is great for reading, browsing, and watching. Sitting on my couch watching Vine compilations on YouTube is the ideal use for a device like the Mega. Reading web pages and books is a pleasure as well. When an email or social media notification comes in, you can operate in Multi Mode View and never miss a step.

Doing anything else on the Mega that other smartphones do, like doubling as a music player for activities like exercising…and making actual phone calls (or putting the Mega in your car’s cupholders)- Notsomuch. It’s just too big. For a phone this size, it’s pretty sleek, but the Mega’s footprint makes it tough to put in your front pants pocket and be comfortable. You can just forget about strapping this beast to your arm to listen to your music during a jog. Ladies, you can forget about putting this in your clutch for a night out on the town…

As far as making calls, sure, you could hold this monster up to your ear to carry on a conversation, but most people probably won’t due to its size, in addition to the fact that we hardly use our phones…as phones. Additionally, it just feels wrong. Kind of like people who take pictures with their iPad.

Smaller smartphones like the 5.0 inch Galaxy S4 or the 4.7 inch HTC One are tight-roping that line between “just right” and “too big” themselves, but still can fit up to your ear with decency, and still can do all the things the Mega can do, but with better specs. Side by side, the Galaxy Mega makes the 5.5 inch Galaxy Note 2 appear “small” – That alone should speak volumes to its size.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Mega is a nice device. I’m just not sure the target market is big enough to support mass producing this phone. It would be awesome if the the Galaxy Mega was “made to order”, but Samsung is hell bent on giving people whatever they want, and larger screens are popular in smartphones…

You can scoop up a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 on contract at AT&T for $149 or $24/month if your feeling AT&T’s Next program.

I’ll let you decide if the Galaxy Mega is too big.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Image Gallery

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    One thing A LOT of people don’t realize about the Mega, there are a couple of well known apps that don’t work for it yet. Netflix, for one, came out with its last android update 7/22, whereas this phone didn’t come out until 2-3 weeks later, so the guys over at Netflix are struggling to roll out an updated system to match the Mega, and a few other new Android phones that came out around the same time.