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Samsung Fitness VOD

Fitness Video On Demand App in Samsung TV Smart Hub

I could gain to lose a few pounds. So instead of picking up the phone to order (in 3 easy payments) the latest fitness craze, all I have to do is fire up the Fitness app on my Samsung Smart TV ES 8000 and get started on the path to getting slim and trim.

With the Samsung Smart TV Fitness app, I can choose to get started immediately and jump into the dozens of fitness videos that are streamed to my TV (must download the separate, but free Fitness VOD App). There are several different videos to choose from including abs, strength, toning, yoga, and cardio from that work all areas of the body.

There are several different videos that work each section of my body, so I won’t get bored with same two or three videos. For a more personalized experience, I can create a profile and start my own fitness program. By entering my age, weight, and height, the Fitness app calculated my BMI (Body Mass Index) to give me an idea of where I currently stand…which is pretty bad. I can also edit my profile by changing the profile image and choosing between several male or female virtual trainers – The personal trainer doesn’t do anything, they are just visual effects to add to the fitness element. It would’ve been dope if the trainer was yelling in my face to help me through your next set. On second thought…

Once I went through all the steps to set up my profile, next up was setting up a exercise goal. I entered my target weight I wanted to lose (10lbs max) and the time period in which I wanted to lose the pounds…I put three weeks, just in time for Thanksgiving, so I can gain it all back by December #RealTalk. By setting an exercise goal, and using the settings in my profile, the Fitness app gave me the amount of total calories I needed to burn overall and the amount of calories I needed to burn per day to achieve my goal. The app suggested exercise that would help to make my weight. The videos are streamed to the TV, so I had to make sure I had a fast network or else get interrupted by the dreaded “buffer” while working out.

Pro A/V tip: Wired is ALWAYS better than wireless

I had two options when streaming the workout videos. I could play the fitness video full screen, or do a side-by-side comparison of the fitness video and video captured by the TV’s camera with me on the screen to compare my body positioning with the fitness instructor in the video. Most of the videos were no longer than 25-30 minutes, and were pretty much “simple and plain” – No over-hyped instructor who chose to keep you pumped up instead of hitting the mat and actually doing the routine with you (Those who can do, those who can’t try to keep you motivated).

By setting up a profile and exercise goal, the Fitness app logs my workout history and progress. The app tracks:

* Average Calories burned per hour

* Average Daily workout length

* Workout start date, last visited, & total visits

* Workout achievements

…To help me reach my fitness goal. I can also save videos to my “favorites list” to quickly access a video IF I ever want to sneak an additional workout in…yeah right!

Finally, The Fitness app also integrates with the Withings WiFi Body Scale to sync, log, and track more extensive body measurements. It also connects to the Noom Weight Loss Coach App for Android, just in case I want to use the Fitness App to log outside exercise (jogging, running, etc) in one location.

To make a long story short, the big and beautiful Samsung Smart TV ES8000 screen, in conjunction with the Fitness App, can be used to repent the next morning, following last night’s popcorn and snacks movie binge.

This post was sponsored by Samsung Smart TV with Motion Control. Opinions are my own.