SMRPodcast #255 Guest Host – Got ‘Em!

The fellas invited me back on the podcast to talk tech last week. One of the reasons why I like the SMRPodcast is because it’s just several friends talking all things tech. There is no real structure outside of each of the host adding tech stories they want discuss to a shared OneNote folder. Everything else is pretty much…whatever.

Which is cool with me because I prefer natural flow to actual structure anywayz. All that to say, when they reach out to have me as a guest on the show, I would be hard-pressed to decline.

On the latest episode, we talked about Chris, who is a heavy Windows fan, using an iPhone 6 Plus…until Microsoft releases new flagship phones that will run the new Windows 10 (mobile) operating system. We also discussed that iPhone messaging bug that crashes iPhones, Cortana (Windows Phone Virtual Assistant) coming to iOS, and the new Android OS that will let you log into apps using your fingerprint.

If you want to listen to some cool dudes talking tech (and then some)…Click play and check them out!