Solo2 Wireless Headphones Are First Apple-Owned Beats Product

beats solo 2 wirless headphones

Image courtesy of Beats By Dre

It was only a matter of time before Apple put their $0.2 cents into the products Beats By Dre. was pumping out. But you knew it was coming. Shortly after the Apple-Beats deal officially closed, Beats launched the Solo2 wireless headphones on their site that boasts a “dynamic and wide range of sound with natural clarity…” with a 12-hour rechargeable battery with an indicator that lets you know when its time for a charge.

Time will tell if Beats/Apple fans will be able to hear the Apple influence. Until then, we can definitely see the influence as the price for the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones will cost $299 when they’re available.

Will the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones be on your holiday gift wish list?