Spigen Launches Line of Apple Watch Accessories

As you can imagine, manufacturers wasted no time (see what I did there) launching new Apple Watch accessories in order to capitalize off of Apple’s official entry into the wearables market.

In my opinion, Spigen has always had one of the nicest lineups of accessories for your Apple gadgets. So when they launched their line of Apple Watch accessories, I picked out a few that you should add to your list.

Spigen Flex HD Screen Protector – $12.99

Spigen Screen Protector via BrothaTech

Probably the first thing you should protect on the Apple Watch is the screen. I don’t care what kind of space-age, super-strong material it’s made out of, the screen can and will get scraped, scratched, or scuffed. So you might as well add some extra protection to keep it looking good…that is, until you sell it to upgrade to Apple Watch 2 which will be out in a minimum of two years from now.

The Spigen Flex HD Screen Protector, similar to a screen shield for a smartphone, adds a soft and flexible, but strong transparent layer of protection to your Apple Watch that’s also easy to install and sized to fit the Apple Watch perfectly.

Order – 38mm | 42mm

Spigen S330 Stand – $19.99

Spigen S330 Charging Stand via BrothaTech

Another solid Apple watch accessories investment would the in a stand that will easily let you “dock” your smartwatch on your desk or nightstand that also gives you the ability to check the time while it charges. the Spigen S330 stand is made of premium aluminum (similar to what the Apple Watch is made of), and the simple but solid design includes a slot for the charger that gives you a comfortable viewing angle so you can hit the snooze button repeatedly without knocking the stand over.


Spigen Exact-Fit Case – $14.99

Spigen Exact-Fit Apple Watch Case via BrothaTech

I’m not fan of cases because I don’t want to hide the beauty of my gadgets. So the compromise, I find the thinnest case possible to make sure my gadgets are protected, but not covered up completely. So if were looking for a minimalist case for my Apple Watch, I’d opt for the Spigen Exact-Fit Case that’s a hard one-piece case made of premium polycarbonate, but that adds a lightweight layer of protection to the outer case.

The Exact-Fit Case comes in several colors (Satin Silver, Champagne Gold, Smooth White, and Smooth Gold) to add some variety and personality to your Apple Watch.

Order – 38mm | 42mm

Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case – $14.99

Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case via BrothaTech

For those folks who are harder on their everyday gadgets, I would suggest Apple Watch accessories that can take more of a beating in an effort to keep your gadgets scratch-free. The Spigen Rugged Armor Case consists of a flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane material that covers the top and bottom portions of the Apple Watch for overall protection, while giving you full access to the charging pad and digital crown. Only the Quick connect button is covered with “metalized” cover that compliments the look of Apple Watch.

The Rugged Armor Case also comes in multiple colors (Black and White) so your smartwatch can stand out in the crowd.

Order – 38mm | 42mm

Spigen Tough Armor Heavy-Duty Case – $19.99

Spigen Tough Armor Heavy-Duty Case via BrothaTech

For those adventurous, outdoorsy types who know their Apple Watch will take a beating during all those physical activities, the Spigen Tough Armor Heavy-Duty Case protects from scratches and drops, thanks to its hard polycarbonate exterior keeps the watch free of scratches, and a soft thermoplastic polyurethane interior that absorbs the shock of getting dropped.

While the Tough Armor Case is only the 42mm size Apple Watch, it comes in several colors (Champagne Gold, Gunmetal, and Tangerine Tango), for added style.

Order – 42mm

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your Apple Watch accessories, I would check out Spigen. Do you have a favorite Apple watch accessory you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments section.

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