[Sponsored] HP Pavilion 17″ Laptop – Ready To Rock With Windows 10

The official Windows 10 release is right around the corner. The buzz around Windows 10 is that Microsoft has finally found the secret sauce and has created a operating system that accomplishes several tasks that were heavily requested features from legacy and new-school users:

  • Uniform experience across Windows computers, tablets and smartphones
  • All apps and downloads across all windows devices are now found in one place in the Microsoft store
  • InstantGo technology for faster startup/resume times
  • The familiar ‘desktop’ view of Windows 7 is back, but with the new customizable Windows 8 start screen within reach via the traditional start menu
  • Added productivity by snapping up to four apps on one screen and creating virtual desktops to hold even more apps
  • Powerful Cortana voice-activated assistant built into all devices

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft is going all cloud everything. So look for Office 365 to integrate with Windows 10 for seamless device and file synchronization across all your devices. With all the features and functionality packed into Windows 10, the HSN exclusive HP Pavilion 17.3″ Laptop is sure to rock and roll with anything Windows 10 can throw its way.

The first thing I noticed after I cracked opened the box is that the HP Pavilion 17″ is a beast. The touch-enabled 17-inch screen will ensure I can see everything on the screen without jumping between multiple screens/apps. Actually, the size of the screen works well with the Windows 10 screen snap assist feature I mentioned earlier.

Even though the HP Pavilion 17 is much larger than your average laptop you’ll see in your local coffee shop, it still maintains to keep a slim Ultrabook-esque profile. Speaking of looks, the HP Pavilion 17 comes in 5 different colors: Silver, White, Blue, Red, and Purple. So there’s a good chance you can find a color that matches your personal style.

Moving under the hood, I can personally appreciate the B&O Play Audio system powering the tunes I will be rocking while I crank out those late-night blog posts. If you’re in anyway remotely familiar with superior audio, Bang and Olufsen is one of the heavy-hitters in the sound business. I can go into the B&O Play Audio sound preferences and select from a number of pre-configured equalizer settings, or customize my own for a tailored sound.

HP Pavilion 17 and B&O Play H3 earbuds

HP Pavilion 17 and B&O Play H3 earbuds

HP shipped me the silver 17, so in addition to enjoying superior sound, it matches my silver B&O Play H3 Earbuds perfectly for a pretty dope combo. When I get around to loading up my music library, I don’t have to worry about running out of space, as the HP Pavilion 17 comes with 1TB of internal storage space. That will more than handle all my applications, documents, and multimedia files.

I’ve done my share of computer upgrades, and one of the first upgrades I typically suggest is a RAM (memory) upgrade. I won’t have to worry about that seeing as the HP Pavilion 17 comes with 8GB of RAM that will let me keep multiple apps/screens open without dealing with any lag or slowdown. Add that with the Quad-Core Intel Pentium processor, and I should have no problem testing out all the cool Windows 10 features as soon as I can get my hands on it. I have heard stories about Windows 10 getting update errors – the 0x8024000b seems to happen when Windows can’t read the Update Manifest file, there is information out there that could help you if you find yourself encountering this error.

HP Pavilion Windows 10 upgrade

Speaking of Windows 10, the HP Pavilion 17 will give its users the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 for free as soon as it’s available. Before you go searching the web for more information on this laptop, HSN has the exclusive on this joint. Additionally, HSN is doing something a little different with the purchase as well – You can purchase the HP Pavilion 17 live on July 18th for $699 – You can pay all at once, or take advantage of the HSN’s Flex Pay plan that can spread out the purchase over 6 payments of under $120. Either way, HSN will ship the computer immediately and with free shipping and handling.

Windows 10 is sure to be a game changer for all the Microsoft users and enthusiasts. Be sure you have the right computer to take advantage of all its capabilities. Check out the HSN website for more information on and to pre-order the HP Pavilion 17″ laptop.

Disclaimer: I received the device mentioned in this post and compensation in exchange for my opinions…which are my own, yo!