Step Up Your Audio Interview Game with ProJive XLR Microphone Adapter

ProJive XLR, headphones and iPad

Just about everybody you know has a blog nowadays, which is a good thing. Do you know what’s not a good thing? Crappy audio when bloggers interview people using their smartphones and tablets (ask me how I know). The ProJive XLR adapter from CableJive combines your mobile device, headphones, and XLR microphone into a professional audio unit.

I’ve been very happy with my CableJive cables, cords, gadgets and do-dads. So it should be no surprise that I was more than happy when they sent me the ProJive XLR adapter in the mail. The adapter can be used with just about any mobile recording app, including the voice memo/recording app that came with your device, and any XLR microphone that doesn’t need its own power. One end of the adapter plugs into your mobile device that will handle the recording, the other side plugs into your XLR microphone. There is even a headphone jack so you can actually hear what your guest is saying.

ProJive XLR connectionsThe advantage of using a dedicated microphone and headphones is evident at those huge conferences/expos with tons of people that generates more than enough background noise to make your interview sound less than professional. You can opt to skip the headphones and plug directly into a set of powered speakers if you’re doing a live event with an audience.

I’ve been to my fair share of conferences and other events where folks make connections, and turn those connections into content for their blog/website. While the ProJive XLR adapter at under $30.00 can work in any situation, It seems like a perfect fit for bloggers who want to do professional interviews, but get tired of looking around for a “quite space” OR don’t want to carry around a bunch of A/V equipment, in addition to all that swag that’s taken for granted (let’s be honest).

So be sure to check out the ProJive XLR Microphone Adapter and all the other accessories for your gadgets over at CableJive.

Terrance Gaines

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