Important macOS X Mojave Upgrade Steps If You Use BackBlaze

“The fix is in!”

Last week, I suggest all BackBlaze users hold off upgrading to macOS X Mojave until a solution was found to ensure all data can be backed up.

Well word on the street is that BackBlaze is now compatible, provided you follow these steps BEFORE AND AFTER you upgrade to Mac OS X Mojave:

If you prefer written instructions, here you go:

  1. Upgrade BackBlaze to the latest version (5.4.0)
  2. Create a backup of your machine (use BackBlaze while you’re at it)
  3. Upgrade to macOS Mojave
  4. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy
  5. Select “Full Disk Access” folder in left scroll down menu and add BackBlaze to list
  6. Shutdown/restart Mac

…Now BackBlaze has all the access it needs to create a full backup of your computer.

Going forward, always make sure you have a full backup and make sure mission-critical apps are compatible prior to any major operating system upgrade, so you can enjoy the new features, without losing time or money getting everything back up and running.


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