Stupid Simple DYI – SnapPower USB Charger and Guidelight

One of the things I’ve slowly been doing is upgrading my light switches to add some smart home functionality. The process does require some light electrical work and I would consider it a high-tech home upgrade. On the other hand, the ability to quickly and easily add some low-tech smarts to my wall outlets with the help of SnapPower’s USB Charger and Guidelight was a welcomed surprise.

SnapPower sent me one USB Charger and one Guidelight to try out. I originally thought I would have to pull out and completely re-wire my wall outlets to accommodate. The SnapPower devices use prongs that draws power from the outlet screws which makes installation a Snap #SeeWhatIDidThere. Overall, it took all of one-minute to install both the USB Charger and Guidelight…And I’m not exaggerating.

After they were secured into place, I had an additional USB port behind my printer desk, where most of our devices charge when enter the house; and a night-light for my “apprehensive” 8-year old without any complications whatsoever.

Another bonus is that neither the USB Charger or Guidelight add any extra bulk to my existing outlets, which made them functional, without looking silly. The Guidelight has a little sensor that quickly turns on/off based on the amount of light in the room, which conserves energy during the day.

Testing the @snap_power GuideLight as a night light in Boogie's room

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At $15 a pop for the Guidelight and $20 for the USB Charger, I will definitely be adding more devices to my house for stupid simple wall outlet DYI.