SugarSync Cloud Service Revamps and Streamlines iPad App

SugarSync icon

The Cloud storage 3-way (wait) between Dropbox, Box & SugarSync just got kicked up a notch with the entry of a completely redone SugarSync iPad App that adopts the latest queues of mobile app design and makes more use of iPad screen real estate.

First and foremost, the app has adopted the modern and simplified trend that’s appearing in mobile apps. With the swipe of a finger, most if not all information is made available. This trend is definitely evident in the latest SugarSync iPad redesign.

The menu that gives you access to all of your connected Devices, Places on your device, and other locations like “Recent Documents” has been moved to a more permanent location on the left to the screen. The most used features – mobile photo and video backup are front and center on the app.

New SugarSync Home Screen

Quickly upload/backup images or access devices

Users can click a device to view their data in the cloud via panes that appear to the right every time a file or folder is selected, but still keeping the menu pane and previous panes in view. Swiping to the right on any pane will take you to the previous pane for fast navigation. Find a file you want to open, and you get a preview pane with the full document in view. Tapping the “enlarge” button to the upper-left of the file brings the file full-screen. This goes for any type of file – documents, songs, etc., now you can just preview the document without going in to the actual file just to view its contents.

New SugarSync Navigation Panes

Preview your content via navigation panes

SugarSync is definitely “in it to win it” and with the redesign of the iPad app, access to its services from just about any mobile platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian…with Windows Phone coming in a matter of weeks – Don’t tell them I told you), and teaming up with device manufacturers like Samsung, Levono, Fujitsu, SanDisk and others; SugarSync has it’s eyes set on the number 1 [cloud storage solution] spot.

“The increasing proliferation of mobile devices continues to drive the demand for solutions that give you access to all your data from whatever device you happen to have with you at that moment. At SugarSync, we continue to lead the industry in enabling people to do more from their mobile devices via the Cloud. As the way people use their mobile devices evolves, our mobile innovations are helping people stay ahead of the curve by revolutionizing the way they access and interact with their data on the iPad.”

SugarSync definitely thinks they can ascend to the top of cloud storage ranks and slid me a nice little fact sheet to show how their iPad app stacks up against their its competition

SugarSync iPad Comparison Chart

I’m personally a fan of SugarSync and I’m finding more ways to use it everyday, even with my affinity to Dropbox. This app upgrade is just another reason for me to lean towards SugarSync.

You can download the latest iPad version from iTunes, or if you don’t have an account, sign up for a free account with 5 gigs of space, and let me know what you think in the comments section.