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SugarSync Cloud Storage App Lands on Kindle Fire

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It looks like the Amazon Kindle Fire is getting a serious look from developers, as some of my favorite mobile apps are getting the Fire treatment. Next on list is the SugarSync cloud storage service that lets you choose which laptop/desktop folders you can sync to other devices and vice-versa.

I think apps like SugarSync being brought to the Kindle Fire is big because it can be looked at as more than just a “Kindle to read books on that can also access web”. Some of the same reasoning behind purchasing a more expensive iPad or native Android tablet (productivity) can possibly be achieved at almost half the cost by purchasing a Kindle Fire.

Read the entire story over on SmallBizGoMobile

Terrance GainesSugarSync Cloud Storage App Lands on Kindle Fire
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  • kindle fire comparison chart - January 23, 2012 reply

    I still wish RoboForm would make a compatible app for the fire, it is
    such a great program with great apps for the iPad and all other android
    based tablets but is not yet available because of the Fire’s interface
    being designed exclusively for Amazon.

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