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Tablet Productivity – Change Ya Game Up!

To bring your laptop or not to bring your laptop? That is the question.

I’ve been hearing that many people are have a difficult time justifying the purchase of a tablet. They want one, but can’t find it in them to fork over the dough to buy one.

If they already have a tablet, they can’t productive uses for it outside of watching movies…and letting the kids run around with it. Which is fine, but again, but most people envision doing everything with their tablet.

A colleague of mine calls the iPad “The most gloriously unnecessary device you must have”

I love my iPad and manage to get a lot done with it. So I’ve decided to “walk the walk” and keep my laptop at home this year for the Blogging While Brown Conference. Check out my tablet productivity and see if some of these tips can help you justify a tablet.

Terrance GainesTablet Productivity – Change Ya Game Up!
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  • Albert Myles - June 21, 2013 reply

    It took me about a year to flesh out what I can do well with a tablet and what I cannot. Tablets are brilliant for keeping tabs on things(news, stocks, email messages, etc) And honestly most of the times I travel thats all I really need to do. Of course if I am going somewhere for work I need to take the laptop (because Managing a Knowledge Base or Designing training just doesn’t work on ANY tablet)
    I said all that to say, you are dead on! Thank you for the post.

    Terrance Gaines - June 23, 2013 reply

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree, tablets are not there yet. But until then, there are some things a tablet can accomplish, you may just have to be a little more creative on how you do them.

  • Quentin - June 23, 2013 reply

    The iPad is great for couch surfing or for quickly checking email, facebook, twitter, etc. For productivity tasks, I still find myself reaching for my laptop or desktop. Good luck with leaving your laptop behind! I usually bring both a tablet and a laptop when I travel…

    Terrance Gaines - June 23, 2013 reply

    Yeah, that’s what most people use their iPad for. You do have to change the way you think about or even do some productivity tasks when using a tablet.

    I think folks get frustrated when they try to do the same laptop things the same laptop way on a tablet. Tablets are not there yet. So you have to [hence the title] “Change ya game up”

  • DC - June 28, 2013 reply

    I have survived conferences with just my iPad and smartphone. no need to lug around the laptop

    Terrance Gaines - June 28, 2013 reply


  • Iceman Baldy - June 30, 2013 reply

    I use my tablet for reviewing presentations and taking notes at board meetings. My Galaxy Note 10.1 is great for productivity on the go whereas my iPad is my goto multimedia device.

    Terrance Gaines - July 1, 2013 reply

    Nice mix you have there sir!

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