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So I finally got around to launching an Apple (and then some) podcast with a fellow Apple snob and tech geek.

Twelve South HiRise MacBook Stand_profile via BrothaTech

Twelve South HiRise MacBook Stand

I don’t have a ton of desk space to work with. So the Twelve South ArcBook stand did the job when I needed to work at my office desk. Now that I have the itch to use my MacBook as a 2nd monitor, I decided to give the HiRise MacBook stand a try.

Apple Announces Over $50 Million Diversity Investment

To improve diversity and support minorities pursuring STEM careers and to subsequently improve its own minority numbers, Apple has announced plans to invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority programs.

Apple Wants To Launch HBO Now Streaming Only Service

HBO is a MAJOR player in the content creation/distribution game. For them to take streaming seriously by launching a streaming only service, that means more content creators, and distributors will follow. The question is Will you cut (or shave) your cord now that you can get HBO without cable/satellite?

Solo2 Wireless Headphones Are First Apple-Owned Beats Product

Shortly after the Apple-Beats deal officially closed, Beats launched the Solo2 wireless headphones on their site that boasts a “dynamic and wide range of sound with natural clarity…” with a 12-hour rechargeable battery with an indicator that lets you know when its time for a charge.

Apple Live Event Recap: What You Need To Know

Yesterday, millions of people live streamed the Apple event where the company announced a ton of stuff. Event with some live stream issues that the innanets quickly pounced on, that didn’t stop Apple from dropping some gems. So let’s get right into what was all announced during the Apple Live September 9th Event.

How To Watch The Apple Announcement Live

This Apple announcement later today will be one you want to watch live. Sure, you will want to follow along via Twitter for instant responses from the masses (I will be live-tweeting it), but I have a feeling this will be one of the more memorable ones that you should watch as it happens. It […]

Apple Officially Announces Its iPhone 6…Announcement

We all can officially start the countdown to the announcement that’s been in the making seemingly for years. Apple has begun sending out invites to the press for an event on September 9th where we will may finally get to the iPhone 6.

Next Generation iPhone 5S – What To Expect

A Babble Joint The Rumor Mill loves when an Apple announcement lurks around the corner. Image leaks, wild and crazy analyst assumptions, and “sources close to the matter” all give tech publications fodder to cook up some pretty interesting stories about what Apple is cooking up. This latest round of rumors for the better half […]

Gadget Alert: PlugBug 10W USB Charger for Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

My MacBook Pro power adapter was on it’s LAST leg, so I bought a shiny new one. I also sprang for a PlugBug 10W USB Charger as well.