Apple Glass Concept

Early Apple Glass Concept

How To: Share Your iTunes Library With Guests

Instead of agonizing over the music selection at your next gathering, why not let your guests decide on what they want to hear?

A Brotha’s Apple Announcement Liveblog

Get the details on the alleged iPad Mini and other new gear announcements from Apple right here from ya boy.

Shout-out to Steve Jobs On

Apple commemorates the death of Steve Jobs by displaying a photo/quote montage to all visitors of

[Video] Sh!t Apple Fanatics Say

Personally, I can’t read any tech-blog’s comments nowadays because they are so rife with flame wars. People really show their arse about companies they don’t even work for. But I must admit, I chuckled when I saw this video and had to share.

#AskBrothaTech – Apple iPhone 5 Or Samsung Galaxy S3

I recently got a Twitter mention asking which smartphone was the better buy: iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3. I decided to give this question its own #AskBrothaTech blog post.

iPad Mini, Amazon Phone, and other Tech Rumors

I often get inquires about the “new hotness” when it comes to gadgets and technology on Twitter, Facebook…and Google+ (I think). So I thought I would take some time to “put you on game” in regards to some rumors that are floating around the intwebz…

Finding My Passion #3 – Apple Training

I’ve talked the talk. Now I’ve got to walk the walk…The first step in becoming an Apple Certified Professional…

Finding My Passion #2: All Apple Everything?

I’m finally starting to spread my wings (but in reverse) and focus my blog on more Apple-related technolgy…

“Relax, It’s Not That Deep” Apple Isn’t Going Anywhere

Take a step back, relax, and trust that the same Apple we have come to love (or vehemently loathe) will be the same Apple for YEARS to come sans Steve Jobs…