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New Dropbox Action Extension – Save Files From Other Apps

iOS users have been able to share stuff between Apple-specific apps, like sharing a Safari web page via the Mail app without invoking the copy/paste ritual. With iOS 8, Apple has finally decided to not be so scary, and open up action extensions to 3rd-Party apps. One of the most popular apps has finally taken Apple on its word and added an Dropbox action extension to make it stupid-simple to upload files.

Terrance GainesNew Dropbox Action Extension – Save Files From Other Apps

Atama Sesame 2

“Automatic Mac Lockdown”

Keeping nosey office neighbors out of your work is as easy as locking your Mac every time you step away…if you can ever remember to actually lock your computer. The folks at Atama want to make locking your Mac when you step away as easy as…stepping away from your Mac

Terrance GainesAtama Sesame 2