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[Giveaway] Uber Spreads Its Wings In Atlanta and Expands OTP

Update: Contest Ended

[Giveaway] Uber Spreads Its Wings In Atlanta and Expands OTP via

I’m a pretty regular Uber user. For those who don’t know, Uber is a pretty cool service that lets you request a ride around your city via mobile app. The service offers premium Towncar and SUV rides for a bougie swanky night out on the town, all the way down to an economical quick-trip in a Toyota. You use the mobile app to pinpoint your current location, request a ride, and pay for the trip without ever pulling out your wallet or purse.

I can’t speak for other cities, but here in Atlanta, finding an Uber ride is pretty easy in the Metro Atlanta area…what the locals call “ITP” (Inside The Perimeter). The ITP boundary is generally anything within the Interstate 285 loop surrounding the city.

Personally, Uber works great for me. When I go to a networking or any other meet-up or event, I just use the MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) train lines from my house to get as close to the event as possible, then use Uber the rest of the way…’cause Atlanta traffic is a BEAST.

I’m assuming @Uber_ATL has been doing well ITP since it launched in the city over a year ago, because it has just expanded OTP (you guessed it, Outside The Perimeter) to include areas like Marietta and Sandy Springs (click here for an expanded Atlanta coverage area map).

…Sounds like Uber_ATL heard the news of Atlanta Braves moving to Cobb County, and decided to get in on that early.

To celebrate the expansion, Uber_ATL is offering riders up to $30 off their next trips to/from these areas for the month of November for all Atlanta riders. I live within the new boundaries, so if don’t feel like messing with MARTA to get where I’m going for the next couple of weeks, I can use Uber AND get the hookup. Peep the Uber Atlanta Blog for more details.

As an extra “BrothaUber” bonus (I just made that up), I’m offering an additional $20 Uber gift card for one of my readers.

BrothaUber Gift Card Giveaway via

Rulesy Rules

  • Click here to sign up for a free Uber Account (New accounts only)
  • Drop a line in the comments and let me know how you would use Uber in your city

Terms: You don’t have to be an Atlanta resident to enter/win. New Uber accounts will only be accepted. Contest ends midnight, November 23rd. One winner will be selected at random and notified via email provided they meet contest guidelines (No cheating, yo). Winner will have 48 hours to respond.


Disclaimer: We both get a $10 credit when you create a new Uber account #AffiliateFlow

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I’m Speaking At Women Interactive

No, I am not a lady (I hope that’s obvious by now), but I support all aspiring and seasoned women digital entrepreneurs, so when I was asked by the organizers to be a panel guest for this year’s event, I was down for the cause.

For those who don’t know, Women Interactive is a yearly creative technology festival held on the campus of Spelman College. The two-day event that caters to women of color who produce or share digital content. Whether you run a blog, digital magazine or YouTube Channel, or work in the digital space as an student, teacher, or media professional, Women Interactive provides the space and opportunity to network, learn, and inspire with like-minded people.

This year, I will be in the house as an panelist for the Workshop/Tech Talk entitled: “Blogging: Turning Your Lifestyle Into a Business”. While the “BrothaTech” brand is still a work in progress, I’d like to think I have some knowledge to impart being in the digital media game as a blogger, freelance writer, and now small business owner. So I am truley grateful to share the stage with other professionals giving the “Low down” on what it takes to grown as a digital entrepreneur.

So if you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to come hang with a host of smart and intelligent Sistahs…and a Brotha or two, Friday-Saturday, November, 8-9th on Spelman College.

Special Bonus: Receive Half-Off Saturday’s Admission by attending the free Kick-off event at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall Friday evening, November 8th (RSVP Here).

For More information and general admission tickets, visit

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uberX Launches In Atlanta: Ride In Style For Less

Uber App for iPhoneIf you’re not familiar with Uber, it’s a premium taxi service where users can hail a shiny and roomy black Town-car or SUV from their smartphone. The uber app can find your current location, estimate your fair for your destination, and pick you up in a matter of minutes.

I use Uber all the time around metro Atlanta…as a matter of fact, I’m using them tonight to avoid rush-hour traffic and confusing parking for Mashable’s annual Social Media Day Atlanta.

Now I like to stunt like the next man, but showing up everywhere in a Town-car or SUV may be a little too flossy (and pricey) for my tastes. It seemed as if the good folks at @uber_ATL were reading my mind and announced today that Atlanta is the next city to get the uberX treatment.

uberX is the more economical little brother of uberBLACK that is better on the environment – The cars that pick you up are a mix of hybrid and mid-range vehicles that can seat up to four people – Think of a Toyota Camry or a smug Prius…for my South Park fans. They are also more economic on the wallet as well. the base price for an uberBLACK ride around Atlanta is about 15 bucks. If you choose an uberX ride, you will see on average, a base price of around 3 bucks.

If you are familiar with Uber, to request an uberX ride, simply slide the dial at the bottom of the Uber app to “UBERx” before set your pick-up location and request a vehicle. Everything else is done as usual. Since uberX is brand-spankin’ new in Atlanta, I’m sure there won’t be a ton of rides on the road initially, so you may have to keep an eye on the map to see where the uberX cars are and be strategic, until more cars hit the streets.

The folks at Uber are looking out for my readers and were nice enough to hook you all up with a special deal – Enter the promo code “BrothatechuberX” on the Payment screen after you request a uberX ride via the mobile app to receive a $20 discount from now until December 31st (uberX rides only). I can personally vouch for Uber, but I want you to check it out and let me know what you think.

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From Blogger to Business Owner – BrothaTech Hangout With Lamar Tyler And Stacey Ferguson

There’s a saying, “You become like the people you hang around”. I believe in that statement, and have made it a point during my social media travels to associate myself with like-minded people who I could look to for inspiration when I need motivation to keep pushing.

Lamar Tyler and Stacey Ferguson both are people I’m honored to call peers, colleagues, and friends. Both have done what many of us bloggers and social medialites strive for: Growing a blog that was born from a need to share thoughts & ideas, fill a void, or nurture a passion as it grows into a popular and profitable business.Lamar Tyler

Lamar and his wife Ronnie started Black And Married With Kids to promote positive images of marriage and family in the African-American Community. Their blog quickly evolved into a nationally recognized online community while simultaneously launching Tyler New Media, a multimedia company that has successfully produced several full-length documentaries that are shown in theaters nationwide.

Stacey Ferguson

Stacey (AKA Justice Fergie) Ferguson took her love for food, pop-culture and balancing a 40+ hour work week with 24/7 family needs and started Mamalaw & FOODe to share her tips on handling it all.

Her social media skills and love for event planning aided her in co-founding the BeBlogalicious Community & Annual Conference that promotes celebrates digital diversity in Social Media, in addition to Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, a full-fledged event planning/consulting company.

…And that’s just the short versions of their long-list of accomplishments. Both are brand ambassadors, speakers, and consultants. To rub it in for the rest of us, both Lamar and Stacey started all of this while holding down 9-5′s and balancing full houses.

Of course, both of them eventually ditched their “stable” incomes to pursue their digital passions. All of us who have been affected by them in one way or another want to ask the burning question: “How did you do it?” You have probably read their bios, attended their events, or heard them speak in general about their experience.

I don’t know about you, but I need the DETAILS!


Those of you who didn’t join in for our LIVE hangout can view the recording here:

We will also talk about their joint one-day social media meets business workshop: The Takeaway. No Fluff. in Atlanta (my backyard) on April 26th at 9am.

As the title suggests, this event by Lamar and Stacey takes all their knowlege of the social media game, adds some powerful speakers (who won’t spend 3/4 of their time talking about themselves), and crams it into a one-day workshop that will give you a solid roadmap to making the blog to business switch.

Don’t Sleep


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The digitalUNdivided START ATL Symposium – Start and Grow Your Digital Business

More and more people are looking to get into digital media as a way to advance as an entrepreneur. Whether it be by leveraging the web to promote their physical goods and services online, or developing online software to create the next tech startup.

When deciding to launch the next big thing in tech, the often talked about “Digital Divide” prohibits some urban entrepreneurs from gaining access to valuable information and resources necessary to take their business idea from concept to completion. That’s where organizations like digitalUNdivided steps in to “bridge the digital knowledge gap” with programs and projects around the county.

Their latest event is in my backyard, so I thought I’d share with you the START Conference that’s geared towards entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas, skills, and work ethic to the next [digital] level.


“The goal of START ATL is to give urban entrepreneurs the vital tools necessary to create successful tech-enabled companies” said Kathryn Finney, Managing Director of digitalUNdivided. She along with other notable experts will be sharing their tips during the all-day interactive symposium in Atlanta.

Additional information entrepreneurs can expect to receive are ways to raise money for your business and the opportunity to network with venture capitalists, how to build a web or mobile app with little to no tech/coding knowledge, and the opportunity to pitch your idea to investors for a chance to win prizes, business coaching, and receive funding.

The all-day event will take place Saturday, April 13th at 9am in Atlanta at Spelman College. to get tickets, visit START ATL on Eventbrite (Early-bird tickets end TODAY).

For more information and if/when this event makes it to your neck of the woods, visit the digitalUNdivided website or follow them on Twitter.

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Black Founders HBCU Hackathon Tour Hits ATL

black founders logo

If you’re an AUC college student (if you don’t know what the AUC is, this post is not for you here is a Wiki link) and you have an idea for an app or startup, The Black Founders Hackathon Tour @ Black Colleges hits Atlanta Friday, February 8th at Hypepotamus.

The 24-hour event is geared toward African-American college students enrolled at historically black colleges and universities in the Atlanta area who want to:

  • Network and receive mentoring
  • Learn more about mobile app development and the startup culture
  • Group up with other attendees to create a mobile app in 24 hours
  • Win cash & prizes

If addition to competing in the event, sponsors will be in the house looking for talent to possibly join their teams as interns or full-time employees. Even if you don’t know how to code and just want to get involved with the movement (Like I do), all students at any university are welcome to attend (I’m a little too old #Womp).

For more information and details on how to register:

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