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Blog From Evernote With

Blog from Evernote with via BrothaTech.comFor those of you really know me should not that I’m a serious advocate of Evernote. It’s my one-stop shop for doing just about everything. Now I’m not going to sit here and outline of list of the many different uses for Evernote (I’d be here all day and I ain’t got time for that).

One of the uses I take advantage of DAILY in Evernote is draft blog posts other articles. I include formatting, images, links, and all the other intricacies related to your typical blog post, then break down the formatting then copy/paste to WordPress and do all the typical tweaks (excerpts, SEO, image formatting, tags & categories) you have to do to a blog post before you hit publish.

That’s ‘Kool and The Gang’ for my brand/business blog. I’ve always wanted a personal space where I blog about what’s going with me as a person outside of the brand, but I REALLY don’t have time to be setting up a new blog or adding another microblogging/social media site to my list of things to view/manage/update.

So when I found out about a new service called I can take my Evernote entries and automagically publish them as a living breathing blog, I was in. Without getting too much into the details, is really no different than other major/micro blogging platforms – You sign up, create a profile, add a theme, connect your social media accounts and share away.

What makes dope for me is that it takes literally 3 minutes to do all that (no domain hosting, or customizing themes) AND creating blog posts/pages is no harder than creating an Evernote entry. All I do is tag my entries as “published” sync my account, and the entries are converted into blog posts. Peep my first blog post done entirely in Evernote.

First Silvie Mod – New Shoes

Since I’m in Evernote all day anyway, that roadblock from finally creating my own space has been removed. So I can blog from any device that I can access Evernote, which is all of them, including email. If I want to share something, I don’t have to think too hard about it in Evernote as I normally would trying to create a typical blog post entry with WordPress for example.

Sure, there are not as many bells and whistles as a WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Squarespace platform, but for my own little space where I share things about my family, hobbies, or rants that may not be kosher on my professional site, I just need to get the word out, sans all the joy (and pain) of a traditional platform…AND I just learned that I can create IFTTT recipes to send Twitter, Facebook, Instagram posts…and everything else under the sun to!

*It’s a wrap* is currently free and in beta. Now I can’t promise it will always be free once it picks up steam, but I can promise creating content to share with the world might actually be enjoyable if all you have to do is create an Evernote entry.

Shout-out to my homegirl and fellow Evernote junkie Chatterbox Christie for hipping me to

Terrance GainesBlog From Evernote With

Closing Out 2013 Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger Month Acknowledgements

BrothaTech acknowledged during Black Enterprise 2013 Black Blogger MonthI need to do more shameless plugging, self-promoting, and downright bragging on myself. So here goes:

Ya’ boy is running the anchor-leg (had to find a better way to say last) of this year’s Black Blogger Month on Black Enterprise!

Some Most of my idols in the Digital/New Media space have been honored with the distinction before me, so that makes it even sweeter that this year I get to sport the Black Blogger Month badge in my site’s sidebar.

If you’re not familiar, every year for an entire month, Black Enterprise acknowledges some pretty dope folks who are paving their own way via Digital Media. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, doesn’t matter what your subject matter, niche, or area of expertise is, Black Blogger Month is a “celebration of the most impactful and successful voices in the online space.”

Like I said before, many great names I look up to, have been able to meet in person, and call friend have been honored, so it’s just cool that I was even considered to follow along in their foot steps. But enough about them (this is about me dang-nabbit), check out my 2013 Black Blogger Month entry and find out how the BrothaTech blog, brand, and business got started (and who pushed me to start a blog in the first place). I also talk about how I measure sucess, what I would be doing if I wasn’t blogging, and my advice for those looking to get into this digital game.

Black Blogger Month: BrothaTech, Breaking Tech Talk Down for the Masses

“Brooklyn we did it!”

Terrance GainesClosing Out 2013 Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger Month Acknowledgements

Share Slideshows on Your Blog with Guidecentral Web Embeds

A Babble Joint

Guidecentral Adds Web EmbedsI recently wrote a post on how to use the IFTTT app for iOS to back-up your Instagram images to the cloud. The post included a tutorial slideshow I created with Guidecentral that walked you through each step to set everything up.

Guidecentral is a mobile app for iOS that lets users create DIY guides, tutorials, and step-by-step slideshows from your smartphone. Since Guidecentral is very photo-centric, anybody that knows how to take pic or capture a screenshot with a smartphone, can quickly create and publish guides and slideshows on just about anything.

Previously, the only way to people to view your guides was if they also the Guidecentral app, or if you shared a link via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or email for people to view on the the Guidecentral website. Now users can share their guides and slides anywhere on the web, including your own blog. In other words, you get to keep people on your site if they want to view your guides, instead of letting somebody else get all your views.

To learn more on how to embed Guidecentral slideshows on your blog, check out my latest post on Babble

Terrance GainesShare Slideshows on Your Blog with Guidecentral Web Embeds